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100 More Days to Weight Loss

Sue Ellen

Just got my copy of Linda Spangles' new book. Looking forward to reading with hubby as we begin again our journey. Been rough thus far but never giving up. Have a plan I pray I can stick with this time.
MONDAY - FRIDAY - no ice cream or crunchy Cheetos. Saturday or Sunday will be my off day but within reason. So I do not feel cheated. Have to get back on and life depends on it.
Also no eating snacks in bedroom when watching TV. Drink water only.....

  Cathy Replied:

WTG Sue Ellen - crunchy Cheetos love them, only thing is I can't eat just a few - but every day is a new day - I struggle with staying on track - had a dinner out on Saturday night gained 1.5 pounds, frustrating anyway I keep trying. Good Luck, and most importantly don't be too hard on yourself.
The bedroom eating snacks was a thing for me too, now no matter what time it is when I go to bed I brush my teeth right away - so far it has worked.

  shirl Replied:

Good luck Sue Ellen. I'm glad you have a partner to share your journey.

  Gwen Replied:

Go for it Sue Ellen. I am working my way through the book too and it is a real help.v

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