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100 MORE Days Day 4 Tuesday

Jeanne- CE!

Day 4: Today I Am On My Plan

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

It DOES take focus, and this is always a good reminder for me, as I am easily distracted- look, shiny! Need for focus is why I intentionally focus on One Day At A Time on the message boards. If I narrow down my focus to one day, meal, or choice, it becomes less overwhelming and totally doable for me to maintain a healthy goal weight for life. It has become a joy rather than a chore to me to live in wellness.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Yeah, it is surprising how often I completely forget what and why I am doing this. Hard to imagine since this has been such a big focus that I could just forget like that but I do. Love the example at the beginning.

  Tyme4me Replied:

Today I am on my plan and I will stay on it all day. Self talk. I want this for me, I want me again. Who and what I am now is not the real me. I don't need the excess weight to protect me any longer.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

You're speaking my language @Tyme4me!

  Denise Replied:

Somewhere, along the line, I took up eating to combat my emotion at the time. Sadly, that mindset became a habit and ultimately a lifestyle. This time I had to change my mindset for it to become a habit and thankfully a lifestyle. Now I eat for health. Food as fuel the way God intended it. The weight didn't come on overnight so it is going to take time to drop.

  kc Replied:

I have been lost for 3 days. Went on a oh woe is me party, sulked and felt sorry for myself. Yes, there is stuff happening, but...
Three things that will help me stay on plan for health as well as "life" are:
1. Journal every morsel of food that enters my body.
2. Weight that food, portion control.
3. Get out my journal/date book, fill out gratitude, read my current religious book and write reflection, and update my to do list and do them!
"Today, I am on my plan and I will stay on it all day!"

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