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How is your holiday wellness going?

Jeanne- CE!

Just checking in with others as to what is working for you and what you will improve next time.

I did well with the clean eating and sticking mostly to treats I had made; I just ate too much of healthier choices, so it was a portion control issue for me this year. I have been at or near goal weight for 9+ years now, but ups and downs happen in maintenance too! This was my year of arthroscopic knee surgery and several vein procedures on my legs, which curtailed my usual high physical activity. My weight bumped up a few pounds mid year, and I reduced my portions and was below goal as of a couple of weeks ago, and will do an official weigh in for the new year. I am ready to reduce portions again after the holiday treats, increase activity in the new year, and tweak my goal weight.

How about you?

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Overall I did pretty darn well all things considered. I was actually losing and then one restaurant meal (where I had steamed broccoli instead of fries...) gave me a gain and I am working on getting that back off. Frustrating how quickly it comes on but slowly it comes off.

  jenny Replied:

I agree Lyn it is frustrating how easily I can gain but mostly the holidays have been good with mindful eating

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