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Re-Turning Member...


I am re-turning to Stat Your Diet, to help me lose the last of my weight...
In 2018 from Jan 1, to Dec 31st I lost a Total of 127.lbs.

This site gave me the Beginning to a long Journey! Today my Higher Power/God chose to put it back in my hands or on my computer while cleaning it out, this site showed up and showed me were I left off. Sometimes you have to Return to the Past to see how far you have come. I guess that is my Lesson Today.

I am down to 178lbs The Goal is 163lbs by May 10th 2019.

I also started EA (Emotions Anon). This has re-helped me to deal with unwanted selfish and childish tantrums and behaviors. I have worked myself up to step 4# which lead me back to this site again. My Behavior... I have come back with a better behavior and a better understanding of myself...

I hope everyone has done well, and I hope to be welcomed back with smiles and not frowns. LOL


  Lyn💛 Replied:

Welcome back Rjaatt!

  Gwen Replied:

Welcome and a huge congratulations for ALL you have already lost. I am impressed!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Welcome back, Rjaatt!

  Rjaatt Replied:

Thank you Lyn, Gwen, and Jeanne, I am glad to be back... I already wrote on today's sharing how I have lost all the weight and how I got here today. Anyway! Glad to be back...

I hope all you ladies have been fine and I hope you have had a wonderful year...

Just a Heads up! My daughter will be taking the computer soon, so I am trying to clean everything out of it.... so I don't know how long I will be on here but until then I will work the program, I really liked the way this site is step up! It works best for me... I tried a few others but I just got discouraged and deleted them. So I pretty much have done everything on my own...

In the other site I stated I was on my step 4# so I am doing a inventory also of my life/emotions. So I hae a lot of inner work to do...

Well Ladies, I hope you are all doing well and I hope you a 'Beautiful Day'

  FastK Replied:

HI and welcome back!

  Rjaatt Replied:

Thank you FastK

  flower Replied:

Wish you well in your journey !

  Rjaatt Replied:

Thank you very much "Flower"
I hope you have a most wonderful day....

  Rjaatt Replied:

We never understand why our life goes around and around, but again, here is something - when I started my journey came to the computer I work on. (I'm working on stopping saying "My"

How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality,

This Really helped me to find my path and to understand what was going on in my "mind and body".

  Rjaatt Replied:

Gratitude, Acceptance, Surrender and Forgiveness...right now... this minute... and nothing more...

Dr. Apt. went fine, The Heart Tracking Monitor warn for 24hrs didn't track properly. So have to re-do it again... Doctor wants to possibly put a Wire through the Fibular to the heart to check for blockage. Why?, Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, and Cousins have all died from Heart attacks before or at age 60. I have 3 yrs. So it could just be "FEAR"...;(--- :< However Doc. Said my Heartbeat is Slowing Down he is more concerned about that then anything. He used the words...
Your Heart is Stopping!...

  Peggy 🎈 Replied:

Welcome back. And a huge congratulations to you on your lifestyle changes. I hope you can stay around to help us learn.

  Peggy 🎈 Replied:

Welcome back. And a huge congratulations to you on your lifestyle changes. I hope you can stay around to help us learn.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Thanks Peggy, that was kind... Just longing in the last few things. Water, water, water. OMG Water.
LOL...I have been drinking 14glasses a day and this site told me I can cut back and drink 12 glasses a day... I feel Deprived... Haaa haaa haaa...

I have learned to drink all types of water, Water with every fruit, almost ever veggie and ever spice. I have learned to be creative. Take a Mason Jar, and put What ever Fruit you have in the frig, add a few spices, what ever you like. Then let it sit in the frig for 24hrs. or 3days. Then drink. This wonderful drink "HYDRATES" a Body... Who KNEW this? NOT ME. ...

I went from 31% water intake on the Scale. To 57% I worked very hard to get it too this, it has taken me over a year almost 3 yrs to rise this up to that point.. I just didn't drink enough water and what I was drinking was not enough for my size at 327lbs.. now that I am 177 I get to drink 12 glasses a day... YEA...That if anyone needs needs that extra help. is what made a HUGE different... I forgot to mention: The Doctor had me put Baking Soda just stick your finger in it and then stir it into the glass of water. My body was not ABSORBING the water... So much Science!

I also was not absorbing Vit B-12, B-3, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, B7 (biotin), B12, Folic acid. Along with Vit, D3 and K2. So The Doctor put me on these and with in ONE MONTH, I started to Drop Weight like 30lbs in a month. That was Crazy! Amazing what a Vit 12 shot can do.. Then daily vit intake. I also just got put on Potassium, My body is having a hard time absorbing this also... Crazy you would think the foods I eat would be enough? NOPE! Doc said that the Fruit and Veggies even ORGANIC is Not FRESH off a TREE!
that is why People are Suffering with Health Problems. Nothing is FRESH!..

8-ounce glasses of water per day is a half a gallon of water (about 2 liters)

For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water a day. or
nine (9) 16.9 ounce water bottles equal 150 ounces...

  Rjaatt Replied:

Know-It-Alls? I am one and I love Knowledge and Information, I thrive on it... It keeps me alive... I am not willing to settle for less. I want to know why? something is not working, why? I act the way I do. Why? weeds are growing only in one part of the yard? In all of this, I dig it up, I uncover the information. I have done the same thing with my dieting, I researched it, I went beck 15,000 years to 200,000 years ago, Creation took place in 4004 BCE, dating the Great Deluge to 2348 BCE,
But most Cookbooks for food are based on this ; (8000+ yrs and most food groups are in 6000yrs). But the Researches found meals that dated back 15,000+ years? One day! we might learn the truth but until then, I can only go off of what is provided in literature.

Europe 15,000 - 10,000yrs ago: Strawberry, currant, hops, cabbage.

West Asia 12,000 -10,00 yrs ago: Wheat, Garbano beans, lentil, Green olives, grapes, figs.

East Asia (Japonica) 9,000 - 6,000 yrs ago: Rice, soybean, adzuki beans, tea, citrus
the Real Food Humans Ate

East Asia (Japonica) 9,000 - 6,000 yrs ago: Rice, soybean, adzuki beans, tea, citrus
the Real Food Humans Ate

South America, 8,000yrs ago: potatos, sweet potatoes, peanut, chili, coca, mate', common mean, cacao.

MesoAmerica, 7,000 ago: Phaseoius beans, squash, sweet potato, cacao, chili, tomatoes, vanilla, avocado, cherimoya, guava, cotton.

South & SE Asia 7,000 ago: pigeon pea, muhg beans, plantain, breadfruit, nutmeg, coconut, eggplant, sugarcane.

N America 4,500 yrs ago: squash, jerusalem artichoke, bluebetrrys.

Africa sorghum 4,000 years ago: Teff, African rice, pearl millet, cowpea, bambara groundnut, coffee, kenaf, okra, watermelon, oil plam.

I eat 90% of these meals in a month, however some I can not get so I substitute. This is how I have lost weight and 150lbs in one year. I went back in time to find out what the BODY NEEDS TO EAT to SURVIVE. Before "SCIENTIST" turned us all into "RAT Experiments". Digging into the past has been not only rewarding but My Own Body Loves these Foods Now! I crave them, I enjoy them, I think about how I can take these items and create Delicious meals. ... Just like they did 15,000 to 4,000 yrs ago before "MAN" created Fast Food started on April 15, 1955 that has changed our entire eating habits.

  Rjaatt Replied:

The types of foods that can be eaten include:

Grains - barley, corn, millet, oats, rice, rye, wheat
Seeds - sunflower, sesame, flax, pumpkin
Legumes - soybeans, lentils, peas, peanuts, other beans
Succulent foods containing seed - bell peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, melons, okra, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, and other berries.
Fruits - citrus fruits such as lemons and limes, palm fruits, sweet fruits
Nuts - almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, pecans, walnuts
Herbs (vegetables): beet greens, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, collards, globe artichoke, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beets, potatoes, turnips
The types of animals that can be eaten include:

Livestock - cow, deer, lamb, caribou, buffalo, elk, goat, moose
Fish - bass, bluefish, crappie, perch, pike, salmon, sunfish, trout
Birds - chicken, pheasant, grouse, quail

You can also look up this: Herbs 101: An A-Z List of Herbs for a Healthier You
All the Foods and a list of herbs that boasts of numerous health benefits....

Going Natural is the best way! All those Pills and the doctors had me on 23 medications in that I was becoming sicker and sicker. From Brain meds, Stomach meds, Pain meds, Inflammatory meds, Emotional meds, Vitamins meds, Nervous system meds, Bone and Muscle meds. OMG!

Then, I took my life back! one by one I stopped the meds, it took 3 yrs... Today the only thing I take is Vit B, D, K, and Potassium. These I still lack in because I don't get out side much its hard when your a single woman older and alone. I'm working on Fear! Fear to go walking alone, fear to meet people since I have trust issues and fear of large groups of being judged. ... These are the last 3 things I need to work on... Its hard to be physically attacked it will change your entire life.

This is my story and it might be others.. Take what you need and leave the rest it was not meant for you...

  Phyllis Replied:

What an awesome story, thank you for sharing it.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Thank you Phylis! I like to tell my life story because I think it really helps others... I might not always say the right thing that is because I am a introverted person and have no social skill with woman my age, Thank goodness for this site for its the only place other then anon Ea and Oa that accept me for just being me.

Anyway! We are playing games today! Why? Because on this site when we start we have this:
Community Participation; Total Points (80% completed); Earn 1 point for each: Message Board Post/Reply: 40 out of 40/50. I have 10 more points to go... Then I have archived all my goal.

It makes me feel good, I just wish it wouldn't stop at 5days.. I think it should continue so it make you responsible every day... I don't like to start it over and over and over, I fee DEFEATED! having to do that, it make me feel like I can keep breaking the diet.. Instead of showing me How much information I could be leaning... I don't like to start over.. but sometimes I have too. I just don't want to have to do it every 5 days... that is the different.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Earn points for tracking your diet daily. (I'm a OVER ACHIVER) Heeeee, heee! I love this place! Why? Because it makes you feel like you are a Winner! That you have Succeeded in Life! I would never have done what I am doing digging all the land scape, but because one or two woman said they were working in the garden, and I have begged my daughter to let me make a garden in the new house (Bought 2017 Feb). The family is Procrastinators they never get anything done

Because I need to do some heavy physical activity and the yard needs done the weeds were 4ft tall and this is a $250,000 house so their is no need for this. Grandma is Standing up and taking back my life...So thank you all for just being "Woman" and encouraging me to be Better! I have the right to be happy also, I don't have to wait to die as they want me too. its NOT Fair...

Program Engagement
Total Points (40% completed)
Earn 1 point for each day you sign into the program: 8

Basic Diet Tracking
Total Points (100% completed)
Congratulations, you've earned a badge on your contact card next month!

Meal & Exercise Tracking
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Your monthly point totals.
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  Rjaatt Replied:

14 days ago - Rjaatt and 14 days later I have 2 pounds left. and its only March 5th,

I am re-turning to Stat Your Diet, to help me lose the last of my weight...
In 2018 from Jan 1, to Dec 31st I lost a Total of 127.lbs.

I am down to 178lbs The Goal is 163lbs by May 10th 2019 On March 8 I will accomplish this,
So In 2weeks I will have lost 15lbs. With hard work, Digging up Sprinkler system and Re Laying them down, and making a Flower Bed. That burned over 1000 calories a day each day.

I'm almost Numb from the thought that after 11yrs I am going to be 163lbs however the different is this.

I'm not going to be the same size because I have "BODY FAT" so what is 163lbs going to be?
a size 16/18 instead of a size 13#...

But the Planks will help, the Abs Sit-ups and Crunches will help, So I can't seem defeated because I made the pounds, I just didn't want to bulk up and I was so afraid that if I did weights I would become Bulky again and I wanted to have a lean body...

I figure by the end of December this year, I will be lean, that will have taken me 2 full years to be comfortable with myself and feel normal again. Never do I ever want to go under the knife again.

The greatest part of it all... I am FLAT CHESTED AGAIN.. OMG! That makes me so happy, no more pain and I can lay on my stomach, I can jump rope with out wearing a stupid bra' I hate those things I never liked them. I am FREEEEEE again.... and Happy... LOL

  Gwen Replied:

Congrats Rjaatt. You are doing really well!

  Rjaatt Replied:

Weekly Goal (164.6) Goal (164.00)
Water Goal of 12 servings. per day.

Your Tracked Meals Today
Water, Bottled, Generic
Serving Size: 1 fl oz Servings: 1
Coffee, Inst, Decaffeinated, Powder
Beetroot (juice) Juicing
Protein Shake (GNC)
Mott's Plus Light Juice Apple
Vinegar, Distilled/Lemon Juice
Herb; Mint, Fresh

Weekly Planned 120 minutes 720
Weekly Tracked 730 minutes 4556

Total Dots: 17
Green, 100%
Total Green Dots: 17
Total Yellow Dots: 0
Total Red Dots: 0
Day with most Greens: Wednesday

Diet Plan Details Jan 1, 2018 to March 6, 2019.
----------------Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein Sodium
Goal Weight: 164 lbs. Goal Pace: lose 1 pound per week
Weight Goals: 4 active weight goals
Daily Water: 12 servings (8 oz.) totaling 96 oz. per day

  Rjaatt Replied:

Restarting the Diet Plan since I have accomplished my Goal:
Your Path Forward
Mar 7, 2019 Current weight of 162.8 lbs.
Mar 18, 2019 Projected to lose 4.5 lbs. - 25% of your goal!
Mar 28, 2019 Halfway towards your goal with a loss of 8.9 lbs.
Apr 8, 2019 Projected to lose 13.4 lbs. - 75% of your goal!
Apr 18, 2019 Goal weight of 145 lbs. will be achieved!

New Goals:
Active Short-Term Goals (1-2 months)
Goal Date Goal Name Goal Weight View / Edit Delete
Mar-14-2019 (7 days) Weekly Goal 159.8 lbs. View / Edit Delete
Mar-21-2019 (14 days) Weekly Goal 156.8 lbs. View / Edit Delete
Mar-28-2019 (21 days) Weekly Goal 153.8 lbs. View / Edit Delete
Apr-04-2019 (28 days) Weekly Goal 150.8 lbs. View / Edit Delete
Apr-11-2019 (35 days) Weekly Goal 147.8 lbs. View / Edit Delete
Apr-18-2019 (42 days) Overall Goal 145 lbs. View / Edit Delete

Your Current BMI (26) OverWeight/ (20180 Obese 31)

Water intake each day 16 servings (8 oz.) totaling 128 oz. per day
This includes Protein drink, Infussion water, Broths, Juices, Tea and Coffee. ...

Diet Plan Details
Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein Sodium
Nutrition: 600 20g 85g 10g 5g 25g 2200mg
Exercise: 210 minutes of exercise for the week
Goal Weight: 145 lbs. Goal Pace: lose 3 pounds per week
Weight Goals: 6 active weight goals
Daily Water: 16 servings (8 oz.) totaling 128 oz. per day

  Rjaatt Replied:

New Goal:
March 8, 2019: Goal of 160.0 pounds Today!
Active Short-Term Goals (1-2 months)
Mar 14, 2019: Goal of 159.8 pounds due in 6 days.
Goal Name: Weekly Goal
Mar 21, 2019: Goal of 156.8 pounds due in 13 days.
Goal Name: Weekly Goal
Mar 28, 2019: Goal of 153.8 pounds due in 20 days.
Goal Name: Weekly Goal
Apr 04, 2019: Goal of 150.8 pounds due in 27 days.
Goal Name: Weekly Goal
Apr 11, 2019: Goal of 147.8 pounds due in 34 days.
Goal Name: Weekly Goal
Apr 18, 2019: Goal of 145 pounds due in 41 days.

  Rjaatt Replied:

I love fasting 159.8 and I am seeing changes. major changes.... The bible helps if we let it...

The opinions expressed on this forum may not represent the opinions of Please consult your physician to determine the weight, nutrition and exercise levels that are best for you.