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What is your Favorite Exercising Activity?


Brisk walking. (6 calories a minute). This has been the biggest change I have made!
Light to moderate calisthenics (11 calories a minute). (for example, home exercises, back exercises, getting up and down from the floor). This is how I have lost weight. I sit on the floor, My bed is on the floor. It forced me to get up and get down. I have a small floor table for the computer laptop. it has helped my spine, knees, hips, arms and ankles. 14 months of doing this everyday.
Low-impact aerobic dancing. (6 calories a minute).
Jogging on a small trampoline. (5 calories a minute)
Weight lifting, body building,(1.5 calories a minute)
Yoga and Stretching. (7 calories a min)
Qi-gong,Tai-chi (4 calories a min)
Stationary Bikes, or other Equipment... (2 calories a minute)
Jump rope... (I do jump rope). (17 calories a minute) or (1,000 calories per hour).

Please add the Activites you do to help you lose weight, I might add them into my fitness plan.
I added the Yoga a year ago Planks.. Hint Hint...

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Typical stuff here, yoga, walking, bike, various forms of dance. Someday I would like to try a rock climbing wall!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Oh, I do like my weighted hula hoop, makes me laugh the whole time I am doing it.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Hula Hoops (7 calories per minute). Wonderful! You keep having fun doing it. ... Keep Laughing!
Bike Riding (12 calories per minute). Great Going!
Dancing (7.5 calories per minute). Fantastic!
Rock Climbing Wall (15 calories per minute). Amazing! 900 calories a hour..
I will add in the Hula Hoops, I have them here at the house, I will add in Bike Riding. Thanks

  flower Replied:

I could say DITTO except for dancing, trampoline ,jump rope ( & weighted hula hoop Lyn - I am going to have to google a u-tube video of this contraption ) and add I have come to love ( love, love ) TRX straps !!) I am counting the days when we can get our bikes out to ride the beautiful Rails to Trails we have within a short drive from us and the trails in our park systems !!
I have become a person who enjoys exercise because I feel so good when I do it regularly.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Jump rope: I will do them right now: 11:33am / 11:38am thats enough of that...

  Nutmeg Replied:

I love biking. It makes me feel like a kid, I can do it for hours, it's easy on my knees and I can take a break and coast for awhile when I get winded.

  Gwen Replied:

Walking, I love it.

  Rjaatt Replied:

I love to walk, but I have no one to walk with, most of the time I have to walk at 3am to 4:30am in the early morning only because I have to be in the house from 5am to 5pm. I could walk in the deepest of the Heat at 5pm but most of the time its 100+ degrees out side, and on top of that,

I am a middle age woman who was 327lbs I was ashamed and even when I got to 200lbs, I saw all the other people older then me, I live in a Senior area, and they were skinny! Like 120lb woman or wife's and 160lb men or husbands holding hands or walking with each-other or jogging next to each other or riding bikes together and it made me sad.

I saw my self at the Tennis Courts and This man with his wife after I had been picking up the tennis balls turned around and said! "Gee That is a Lot of DNA in the Trunk". I was so Ashamed at myself. I was with my grandchild! Could I be Fat, am I so fat that its is noticeable or is this Tall Slim Man with his wife just being Rude Out Loud! Why did God have someone say that about me, I can say I didn't return to the tennis courts.

I couldn't ride a bike I was too heavy and was afraid if I fell all alone I could hurt myself, I have falled 2's on bikes and broken my left arm. Its bad enough when I go walking that I have fallen down 7 or more times, Sand can become very slippery on the cement and we have a lot of windstorms. I didn't want to fall on the bike that just hurts.

So I stay in the house and exercisize in my 10x8 room and hope for the best! Hope I will lose weight and I have, I have lost 164lbs in 15months...

  Lyn💛 Replied:

HE should have been ashamed, not you! You should be proud at all you have accomplished! Maybe walking sticks would help, I know a lot of people love them.

  Gwen Replied:

I use walking poles and they help to exercise the top half of my body as well as my legs.

I agree with Lyn. We all have enough to deal with without taking on false shame!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

LOL I guess they are walking poles, not sticks. haha

  Phyllis Replied:

Walking for sure!

  Rjaatt Replied:

I think I am starting to like these Planks, they are so challenging for a body that has excess fat/lose skin, from losing weight, but at the same time these Planks I can feel it in my STOMACH, OMG! Really I have feelings back in my Stomach and side, I knew I could finally feel my Hip Bones and my Rib cage that is how much weight I have lost and I can even feel l my thigh Bones. So Feeling Pain in my Tummy is a good thing that means I am working the abs not only doing Crunches / Sit-ups but now these Planks are working not only my Arms, Legs, Hips, Stomach, and MIND, it takes a lot of MIND work to Not Drop to the Ground, telling yourself this:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30 seconds.
That is all it takes. just 30sec out of my life a day or more then once a day! Maybe I can convince myself to, Funny my stomach just Growled for the first time in 7days. I wonder if that is a hint. LOL Anyway I can do it 3 times a day! for the next 2 months.

Thanks Lynn and Nutmeg, Phillis Flower, Sue Ellen, Jenn J, Jeanne- CE! (Time Out (Alex) was with me the first time I started 15months ago. Sandy who lives where my father grew up, Peggy sweet peggy, Wonderful Gwen always have nice words, Butterfly Vicki, Val, I don't know you but we love the same bread of dogs, Reba I remember you the first time I was here, Mouse, don't know who you are but I am not leaving you out Squeak!, I remember Kc, Hay Alicia hows the kids?, kerij Lets feel better together and lose weight, Hay Joan how you doing?, Hi Cheryl, Cathy I'm staring again in a new weight want to join me?, Sharon VA come join us, GiGi, we were both ladybugs lets maintain that weight, Hay Karen hows the chili peppers, Hay Denise from indiana Lets not give up come join me in The Right to be ME!, Ladies and Gentlemen, lets work the 100days Steps! TOGETHER... come out and Play Please!

  Rjaatt Replied:

This: Yoga For Beginners - 40 Minute Home Yoga Workout
This is my favorate I just did it and I loved it, most make me feel uncomfortable or I feel intemidated but this one, I connected with and I was so looking forward to working out with her. I think it is because I see myself in her and because she reminds me of my old self the way I use to be.

When we find the right video for us then we are willing to work out with it...

These are just a few that I like
Meditation after exercising it helps balance the body...

  Rjaatt Replied:

Today it is Jump rope. I always loved it why? because i could do it all by myself and since I didn't really have any friends it was something i could do all by myself... rollerskating was another one of those things I could do by myself or riding a bike...

Are you a Team Player or a One to one or a Individual.

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