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What If You Are Sabotaging Yourself?


I learned through Reading these Books, I loved it when this was written, it "HIT HOME" with me!

"I have had people try to get someone who has lost a lot of weight to put it all back on!" exclaims Linda Spangle,
RN, MA, author of Life is Hard, Food is Easy. "One woman had lost more than 100 pounds, but her husband bought
her a size 4X blouse and candy for Christmas."

This is what my daughter was doing to me! I would say "NO" Fast Food... I can't eat it any more, it just making me get fatter and fatter. My daughter would say well just exercise more! How? When I am in a house from 5am to 5pm so my grandchild can do home schooling. Do I go at 4am Walking in the Dark? Before you go to work? Do I go at 5pm the hottest time of the day 117* outside? Do lay in the sun and Sweat it Out? Do I Exercise to Videos and Pray that is enough...
She was feeding us these $4 for Four Meals, 2,000 calories a day. and she was feeding this too us 3 to 5times a day. I gained massive weight. I finally had to stop going places with her, and I had to just say NO! don't bring it home, I had to just get plain mean!...Now! I am eliminated from all events.

But the Good news is this: I have lost the weight, it was the Fast Food that was Sabotaging Me!
Within the first 2months I had dropped a complete size, I felt better, I was not so dang crazy!
Today! I can admit, I was Sabotaging Myself, I wanted fast food, and I paid for it, it didn't happen over night it took 8 yrs for the weight to kiss my hips and behind, for the point that I was sick all the time with colds, flu's, and last cancer. Yes... CANCER... Fast Foods Cause Cancer '"energy dense foods", Diabetes, Health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. Fast Food Linked to Depression. OMG, I was so Depressed it was not funny any more. I was so Unhappy!

When I Read these books I stared to TAKE BACK MY LIFE... I started to understand! I read a few of them more then 3 times because I had Questions and Thoughts... One lead me to another one and so one and on. ... Today! I can Admit, I needed HELP! and this place gave me the HELP I needed to not only save my life but to help me help myself...

So Take the time this week and Read "Linda's Books". Use a High Lighter! Write down the Date next to the passage you have read for you will return too it. LOL HEE HEE HEE... You will Return to it... I guarantee this... Humans just go around and around and around until they Stop. ...

  Rjaatt Replied:

I Sabotage myself all the time, but I am learning not too it has taken a YEAR! 14months, this is not a over night cure, its a day to day work in progress. I have tough Choices... Why?

Because I don't eat what my family eats, I had to "STOP". They eat "FATING" Foods, They buy foods that are 1800 calories and that is just one small snack. Even though my daughter knows what to cook and what is healthy she stopped, her husband loves, "LOVES" Fating Foods.... That is why they are all over weight.

When I took myself out of the family, I learned and saw the truth. I got to sit back and watch what others do. My daughter has Chocolate everywhere in the frig. Now that I am no longer in control she has gone CRAZY...and Helps herself to what ever she wants... She has NO CONTROL over her SHOPPING! Nor does her Husband, he SEES he BUYS its his MONEY!..

Yet! she takes small containers of plastic (hormones) and evens out the food, her child gets tinny amounts and her and her husband get the same amount. YET, Doing this she goes out to FAST FOOD 7 days a week or at least 5 days a week she is eating Fast Food. So many Excuses.

it is only LUNCH that she Controls, making it 300calories or 150calories. Starving her body, yet then after work they go out and eat a 1800 calorie meal at a fast food. SABOTAGING!

This is why I had to stop, every-time I went on a diet, she would get mad and then buy me candy and chips and bring me home fast food. She loves me! The funny thing is My own Husband did this also to me, He would bring me CANDY! and have Pizza every Friday! But I was skinny? So what was the change? Being ACTIVE? EXERCISING? Maybe.. AGE? Maybe. No!

A broken heart and soul, My heart has been broken for 22yrs maybe 47yrs maybe 56yrs... I have a broken heart! I always have had a broken heart. I never found that soulmate, I never got that Career or Dream Job, I never got to live in that House in the Forest, I never got the Husband I wanted and I never got to be the person I thought I wanted to be....

These little things that I had to confess to myself is what Kept me EATING, I was unhappy. I'm still unhappy, but I am only now learning to understand the TRUTH ABOUT MYSELF. I have a broken heart and it can be fixed. I have to fix my own broken heart and make new dreams that are "REALISTIC". Not "FANTASY". Fairy-tales have been my downfall, the 50's woman is my downfall, the 50's life style is my curse in life I could not live up to the expectations to be a Good Wife and Mother, Too many expectations, too much discipline, to much moving and career change for my husband.

Our life was Chaos, But I can Admit that I used food as a self rewarding system, as a punishment to gain weight so I would no longer feel loved. I would be LEFT ALONE! have no friends, no husband, I wouldn't have to take care of anyone now I would have to be taken care of. I wanted to be sick, I wanted to have the Attention, I wanted them to wait on me hand and foot, I wanted Attention and lots of Attention. "LOOK AT ME".. I'm sick! HELP ME! get better, but you can't get better when your eating BAD FOODS you only get Sicker and Sicker day after day and year after year will pass. I wanted to be special, and fell FAKE LOVE...

That is how I punished myself and sabotaged myself, my marriage, my family relations, my friends, I pushed away everyone out of my life so I could EAT, and now that I have concord my FREE WILL and curbed the cravings. I have None that wants to be my friend, not even my own family. I have Destroyed my life all because I wanted to eat foods that were bad for me. The sad thing is (I taught my own child to eat this way).. I am responsible for their food choices!

The truth hurts when one admits the truth to themselves. My son is a Food Addict. he has no self control, as a child he would sneak out of his room and go through all the cabinets and find food, he would even steel candy at 8yrs old and hid it in the water heater room outside. That is because I didn't allow my kids to have candy. I DEPRIVED THEM! so they helped their self to it anyway they could. Sad part is this, My husband brought "ME" home candy and not them...

  Rjaatt Replied:

This long Truths Letter is what a Simple Book that had Words in it from a woman who also had a eating problem taught me. Once I chose to Follow the Book and Do the book work and stop making so many excuses I would find out what the "ROOT OF THE CAUSE WAS". This is my BROKEN ROOT. ...

I found the reason why! Once I found the REASON WHY! it all made since and in that I was now ready and able to do the hard work.

Live one day at a time, and think before I chose to put that unwanted pounds in the MOUTH!
Make better Choices for the Body The Creator Gave to me. She learned this the Hard Way and wanted to share her own experience with Millions of Woman.

But how many woman would this book help? On?, One hundred? or just a few?

She has no control over peoples choices all she can do is offer the information it is up to the Reader to Make the Change the LIFE CHANGE... Once they do it then Linda's hard work and efforts have been rewarded, for her only goal was to help just one person who is suffering.

Then end. ...

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