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How Many of you have Read Linda Spangle Books?


When I started on this journey, I Researched Linda's Story, her Books and I have Read everything I could find on the Internet, I Studied within them and Learned From them.

Questions: What are your Favorate books she wrote? and do you follow the information given?
since you have started her program how much Weight in Total have you lost? and in how many years did it take you? Last! Have you Maintained your Weight loss? That will be my next step!

Question: Out of everything on this site what do you personaly like the MOST?
A. MEMBERS... What do you like the most about the program and which program is your Fav...
B. NON-Members... what do you like the most about the options given? Set up? Information?

As for me I found that the Meal Plan and Tracking Calories/Meals: Nutritional Goals is what helped me help myself. I loved the Check Marks, because it shows me what I need, how much I need and tells me to STOP if I go over. That was a Blessing: after all my researching the first time I found this meal to be rewarding:

Breakfast 8 carbs
' Egg Whites Omelet with spices
' Breakfast Veggie with spices
Lunch 4 carbs
' Tuna Lettuce Wrap with spices
' Water with fruit and veggies
Dinner 21 carbs
' Salmon with red onions
' Pan Cooked Asparagus
Snacking 11 carbs
' Seeds/Nuts/Grinded
' Flaxseed Tortilla chips

This taught me to eat healthy and the correct way! QUESTION What Foods Did "Linda" Teach you to eat in a Meal Plan that works for you?

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