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20 things to change in a lifetime to feel better


1. Do something that scares you like that closet.
2. Sleep on a regular schedule 9pm to 5am hours
3. Share your money with those less fortunate
4. Cut snacks and fastfoods allow 1s a Month only
5. Rent, don't own if you own take care of your home
6. Stop spending time on social media dating sites
7. Start a side business use your hobbies for enjoyment
8. Keep your home and workspace clean and organized
9. Build your self up and become your image
10. Fast once a week for 12 to 16hrs. 3pm to 7am
11. Practice poverty, give old clothing, food items away
12. Lose some fat, or gain some muscle, stretch everyday
13. Prepare for everything, but be grateful for everything
14. Make a short to-do list for every day adventures
15. Cut things out of your life, food, people, material items
16. Say no to almost everything! No! is a HAPPY WORD!
17. Change your wardrobe, Clean out that closet, Feel Great again
18. Make new friends every day at least once a week
19. Go on a trip by yourself don't be Co-Dependent
20. Think of everything as a choice, I have a choice!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

nice list

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