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Reasons to Have an Indoor Herb Garden


Reasons to Have an Indoor Herb Garden

1. It's affordable
I bought three herb plants for just under $10! That will supply fresh herbs for my recipes for quite some time. Plus, it's nearly that much to buy two bundles of fresh, organic, cut herbs from my grocery store.

These herbs are growing at a moderate pace and are quite hardy, so I can see them being enough for weekly use. If you use more fresh herbs, you can always buy two plants - still very cost effective.

2. It's easy
I have never been good at keeping indoor plants alive. However, these herbs are proving to be easier than most. I water them when the soil is dry, keep them in my sunny kitchen window, and they seem to be doing very well! I plan to add a little organic fertilizer in a few months to keep them happy, but that's about all the maintenance it takes.

These plants have also become a project for my oldest (only three years old). He loves watering the plants and smelling their wonderful aromas.

3. It's healthy
Growing and using your own herbs is much healthier than buying dried ones from the store. Note: Just make sure your herb plants are organic, non-GMO, and not treated with pesticides. Many spices and herbs grown and/or manufactured in the US are fumigated with harmful chemicals. Some spices are even "irradiated"; meaning radiation is used to eliminate bacteria but actually can change the chemical makeup of the herb. (Read more about what's in conventional herbs here.)

By growing your own herbs you will know exactly what is in them. You can even dry herbs and store them for a few months to use when dried herbs are preferred. This is also an excellent way to trim down plants that are getting overgrown.

4. They're delicious
I cannot tell you how much better our food is when we use fresh herbs. The smell is just amazing too! Old favorite recipes really come to life when using fresh herbs.

Just a few days ago I made a roast using fresh rosemary sprigs and the flavor was on point. Of course there are times when dried herbs are required for recipes, but I have been substituting fresh when I can and we really do notice the difference.

5. It's good for your home
These herb plants are one of my favorite household decoration items. Beautiful, functional, and they smell amazing too! Having something green in my home lifts my spirits and gives me a boost. Plus having plants in your home is good to filter air. While making a DIY succulent garden can be great to help your home's air, so can growing herbs indoors! Rosemary is considered part of the evergreen family which is well known for being great air purifiers! Basil and parsley are also easily grown indoors and will help purify air.

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Closing Notes
Overall, I find that growing and indoor herb garden is definitely worth the investment. It may take a little trial and error to get the plants flourishing, but rest assured, you will be glad when they do. As fall turns to winter, these fresh herbs will delight your senses all winter long! Plants makes the house smell wonderful and you get clean air.

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My favorites are Rosemary and basil

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