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March 40days/ 40nights Fasting:


There are all types of fasting,
1. Over night fasting Last Meal 6pm/6am =12hrs
2. Over night fasting Last Meal 3pm/7am =16hrs
3. Over night fasting Last Meal 8pm/8pm = 24hrs

20:4 Method
Fast for a full 20 hours and allow yourself one four-hour window to eat.

16:8 Method
Eat your daily food within an 8-hour window and fast for the remaining 16 hours.

5:2 Method
Eat whatever you want for 5 days out of the week. For the other two days, women can consume 500 calories

23day fasting: Water, Infusion water with fruits/veggies, seeds and nuts, leafy greens, plants and roots, All yellow or white veggies or fruits. fish cans/ or fresh.

40days/40nights: Water, Infusion water with fruits/veggies, seeds and nuts, leafy greens, plants and roots, All yellow or white veggies or fruits. fish cans/ or fresh. (Crackers or unleavened Bread/GrapeJuice). ...Prayers...

I have been doing this for 2 months so I am READY to do the 40days/4nighs on March 1st.
Jesus snacked on Bark, plants, bugs, soil, leaves, flowers, fruit, even fish and water. But he didn't eat (King and Queen foods) MEATS- (No! I wont eat bugs or Bark).

5:am Prayer/communion
6:am Exercise for 45min
7am BREAKFAST. - Eat within 30 minutes of waking up.
11am LUNCH. - seeds/nuts 1/4 cup, (flaxseeds/chia), Berries 1cup, 1oz of Fish
3am DINNER. - 1/4 cup of beans (dried/cooked/spices) (chickpea, lentils, Kidneys, Refried, Blackeyepeas etc), Yellow or White Veggie, (Onions). (Squash).

little by little your stomach will no longer need the food and only Fluids..Only eat a little when your stomach GRUMBLES, little by little it will stop asking. Humans were not meant for all this food. Humans were to eat Fruit, plants foods, and ocean foods.

What do Gorillas eat: stick to a mainly vegetarian diet, feeding on stems, bamboo shoots and fruits.

What do Monkeys eat: are omnivores. This means that they eat meat and plant-based foods. Most monkeys eat nuts, fruits, seeds and flowers. Some monkeys also eat meat in the form of bird's eggs, small lizards, insects and spiders.

What do Humans eat: Longer intestines allow the body more time to break down fiber and absorb the nutrients from plant-based foods, but it's dangerous for humans to eat meat. The bacteria in meat have extra time to multiply during the long trip through the digestive system, increasing the risk of food poisoning stomach cramps and constipation. The human body needs a variety of plants foods to survive.

Soy Products. Edamame. Tofu. ...
Nuts and Seeds. Almonds. Brazil Nuts. ...
Beans and Legumes. Adzuki beans. Black beans. ...
Other. Wheat protein (seitan) Soy, rice, hemp, or pea protein powders.
Leafy Greens. Arugula. Bok choy. ...
Starchy Veggies. Beets. Butternut squash. ...
Berries. Blueberries. Blackberries. ...
Citrus. Grapefruit. Lemon.

  Rjaatt Replied:

March 1, 2019 Lost 1.5lbs (10am to 4:30am).

  Rjaatt Replied:

March 2, 2019 lost 1.3lbs (4:30 am to 4:30am) 24hrs

March 3, 2019 Lost 1.7lbs (4:30am to 2:25pm) Still counting the time. so far so good.
Made the infusion drinks and grinded nuts incase I need protein. Fresh fruit juiced everything put in mason jars for the weeks ahead.

  Rjaatt Replied:

March 4, 2019 .7 (2:25pm to 4:30am) Still doing good the hunger is starting I can feel the warmness in my stomach and throat, Yesterday I made Tea, Infusion water, fresh Juices, and Pulp from Juicing into Juices also. I use everything I don't waste nothing. I did have one Tsp of nuts last night but that was so I could sleep, the one thing about fasting is your body does not want to sleep! There is no comfort food so your brain is confused, Were is the fullness the happiness? So instead it makes the brain think or over think. But it also brings out the creativeness, and it wants to work and make you stay busy. That is why it is better to work on a empty stomach then a full one. a full one makes you sluggish and sleepy...

  Rjaatt Replied:

March 5, 2019 Lost .3 (4:30am to 11am) Still doing well, mashed up avocado for protein. Juices, Teas, Coffee, Water. (exercise in the morning is much easier then the evening. (Batwings) (Planks). (stationary bike). Made a few videos of me doing them. tried to explain some nutrition stuff. Woke up no one home not even grandchild? She was sick yesterday! So I am assuming she is at the Doctors. Just Assuming that is all I can do. I have no real evidence. She is not sitting in her chair doing home schooling so? and both vehicles are gone? Woman's intuition tells me!

  Rjaatt Replied:

March 6, 2019 Lost 1.2 (11am to 10 11:am). Even though I am Frustrated at what my adult kids did to me, I will not allow myself to break my Fasting, God is TESTING ME! So I Decied today to Gather up all my Drinks for the day and put them on a dinner tray and bring them into my provided room.

Beet Juice,
Vinegar water/lemon
Protein Shake with Beet Juice,
Water infused Grape/Ginger/Mint water,
Pure Juiced Apple Juice with Ginger

These are my Drinks for today! Just Dealing with High Stress today, Mind over Adult Kids Bad Judgment and Hatefulness.

  Rjaatt Replied:

I have achived my goal, matter of fact I passed my goal because of the 40days/40nights Fasting I am looking 1lb+ a day. I am now down to 162.8 under my original Goal.

I will restart my Weight Diet Plan and Aim for 145lbs.

Projected Weight: 162.4 lbs. Actual Pace: -0.382 lbs. per day
Goal Weight: 163 lbs. Needed Pace: Goal Achieved!
You are on pace to surpass this goal! Nice Work!

Your Diet in Numbers
Starting Date Jan 1, 2018 Today's Date Mar 7, 2019
You've achieved your goal weight!
Starting Weight 327 lbs. Current Weight 162.8 lbs.
Goal Weight 163 lbs. Total Goal Loss 164 lbs.
Starting BMI 53 Current BMI 26
Goal Pace -0.1 lbs./day Current Pace -0.4 lbs./day
Weight Change -164.2 lbs. BMI Change -27
Length of Diet 431 days Avg Daily Water 9.1 oz.
Weight Change by Percentage
Since Starting Your Diet Since 30 Days Ago Since 7 Days Ago
Down 50.21% Down 15.21% Down 3.84%

Total Dots: 18
Green, 100%
Total Green Dots: 18
Total Yellow Dots: 0
Total Red Dots: 0
Longest Green Dot Streak: 18 days
Longest Yellow Dot Streak: 0 days
Longest Red Dot Streak: 0 days
Days Missing Dots: 413
Day with most Greens: Wednesday

Track from Favorites
Serving Size: 1.4 oz
Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein Sodium
24 0 4.9 1.0 4.8 0.5 132
Servings: and
Coffee, Inst, Decaffeinated, Powder
Serving Size: 1 tsp
Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein Sodium
4 0 0.8 0 0 0.2 0
Servings: and
Herb; Mint, Fresh
Serving Size: .4 oz
Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein Sodium
5 0.1 1.0 0.8 0 0.4 3
Servings: and
Mott's Plus Light Juice Apple
Serving Size: 8 fl oz
Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein Sodium
60 0 15.0 0 14.0 0 35
Servings: and
Protein Shake (GNC)
Serving Size: 1.6 oz
Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein Sodium
85 0.5 0.5 0 0 20.0 0
Servings: and
Water, Bottled, Generic
Serving Size: 1 fl oz
Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein Sodium
0 0 0 0 0 0 1

daily goal of 12 servings.

Exercise Minutes Calories Burned
Weekly Planned 120 minutes 720
Weekly Tracked 970 minutes 6112

  Rjaatt Replied:

Day 8, of 40days/40nights.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Day 9, of 40days/40nights. No hunger yet. YEA! This proves that it is snacking on the reserved fats in my body. and why I have a Flat Stomach this morning.. and why I noticed my arms are thinner...

  Rjaatt Replied:

Day 10, of 40days/40nighs had a little grumbling last night but on a scale from 1 to 10 it was a 3 so not bad... I just took a sip of tea and went back to sleep. Family is sick so Glad I'm in this room!
Mind is fine, stomach flat, and I feel lighter then I have in years. Funny today I can feel my back bones sounds odd but I feel them on the back of my skin they feel funny... I am laying on my back on the floor better and I can cross my legs again...That is a wonderful thing... Note: bowel movements are once a day not much but at least I am having them, my body is cleaning itself out. seems like i would use the restroom more but my body is absorbing the liquids instead. that will keep me hydrateded.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Day 11 So, so happy, I finally got that BMI Down to HEALTHY.. at 25 goal is 22BMI...

I just took Video Tape of my Program, and I will work on the video I am trying to make that shows the Weight loss..Who Knew this takes a Rock Science to figure these dang programs out... just ot make a video... use to be so good at making them but the program I have now is just for the Birds they can fly far, far away with it..... LOL Drop it in a volcano and call it good. When I am done Iwill upload them and Prove all the Weightloss I have done.... I have worked so hard to finally be ME AGAIN!

  Rjaatt Replied:

Day 12, Ups and Downs.. Story of my life... but I do my best regardless... One Day at a time.
I hate sitting in a room all day and night and day for over 379days... I have been by myself. I am sure their is a reason to all of this and in time it will all play out but until that all happens I just have to deal with the Life God Designed for me...

  Rjaatt Replied:

Day 13.. Well? Since I can't work in the yard any-longer and now there is no hard labor, I have stopped losing weight! 3days and I am still at 157lbs. Its almost a Bummer I'm not going to reach my 2nd Goal as I had hopped for. Even if I do all the exercising in my room it will not be the same as Physical Labor that really burn's the calories.. Exercising is like a quick fix but it really just doesn't do anything unless you want to maintain your weight,or if your a bodybuilder or aerobic instructor that teaches 3 to 5 classes a day... Other then that... your just humoring your body...

For me to start burning this weight I will have to go Running in the Deep sun for 1hr at least but that is too dangerous living in a hot state at ave 87* not healthy it will dehydrate the body too fast..

I looked for "Live in Jobs" yesterday, I will look again today! since I haven't worked in 10yrs for I shut down the "inhome Daycare in 2010 and sold the house". So that limits me because people want someone who has worked in the last 3 yrs... at least... Have alot of thinking to do today and a lot of planning, go on this journey.....

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