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Intermittent fasting affects your body and brain in surprising ways


It's odd to think that depriving yourself of a necessity for life might be one of the most powerful ways to transform your health. Yet there's more and more evidence for the idea that fasting could have powerful health benefits for both the body and brain.

There are many different forms of fasting, ranging from going extended periods without food to consistently eating less (perhaps cutting caloric intake by 20 per cent) to intermittent or periodic fasting.

But of all these different kinds of fasting, intermittent fasting is very likely the most popular and certainly the trendiest one. Between six and 12 hours, to eating normally five days a week and dramatically cutting calories on two fasting days, to taking a 36-hour break from food every week.

What is fasting most think OMG! I can't EAT!... Well yes and no!... You can Drink your foods. its like a Liquid Diet just not putting in the dumptruck. your just filling the lake with water not rocks.

You can have infused water, coffee, tea, juices freshly juiced, or vegetables freshly juiced, you can have all the water you want with lemon,or mint or spices like a cinnamon stick. you can have tomato v8, or a glass of what ever makes you happy...

You can grind up nuts for protein and put them in a PROTEIN SHAKE, this will increase your losing weight by 75%... so add that pinch of seeds or nuts or spices.

The reason we FAST is to Get Rid of the Fat on the Body! YES! its how our Body Eliminates it.

1. The first thing that it attacks is the Chest,
2. The second thing is the Butt,
3. The third thing is the face and neck
4. The fourth thing is the arms, wrists, ankles
5. The fifth thing is the hips and batwings
6. The sixth thing is those Thighs they take the longer to lose.
7. ? I don't know this Yet? But when I find out I will tell you... This is as far as I have gotten.

This is the progress I have had while losing weight

Wow! this is the change: Your Current BMI as of 3/11/2019 is (>25)..Body Mass Index. When I started this site it was (>35)... Body Mass Index. That is the difference in Body Weight and Fasting.

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