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Thank you! To all StarYourDiet Members that have bee so supportive


My Life Has Changed in just 15 months,
"For 11+years I have been carrying around extra weight. Life tasks were difficult. Going up stairs and walking any long distances left me breathless. Exercise was not in my realm of thinking. As sitting in a house from 5am to 5pm so my grandchild could do K-12 homeschooling. I found it more and more difficult to keep doing things when I am always told "just leave it too me" and "Don't change the house, don't move the Furniture, leave everyone's bedrooms alone" "leave the landscape alone".

I was holding my breath and words back. After struggling day after day sitting in this child's room, I did something about it and since I knew the sprinkler system was in deed broken under the dirt I got a shovel and dug and dug and filled in the dirt and dug some more until I was Defeated time after time by my son in law..

Now It did helped me to lose that last pounds that was becoming a stand still with myself. . The thought scared me more than anyone could imagine to have a heart attack its all I have thought about since everyone in my family all dies at 60yrs old. thank God!

I was smart enough to return back to this place and Restart The Problem.With Nice Wonderful Woman and Men on this site I lost enough weight to enable me to make my Goal on top of that I made New Goals!

There is no way that it would have been possible without the all of you for supporting me and encouraging me since my family has written me off even though I live with them and I am only 3 steps from the Kitchen and the front room and steps from my daughters/ grandchild's bedroom... I am more grateful than words can ever express.

My body has changed." Now it is up to me to change my Life. . Only I can do it and in that the next step will be maintaining the weight and never returning to the old behaviors. I thank each and every one of you for all the help you have give me...

Please remember that I only have until the last week of the month, then my daughter will take the computer so my grandchild can do her homeschooling while they are on a family vacation.

I don't know If I will get the computer back or not, last time it was 8 months, So regardless I don't know what she will take it, I have taken everything out of the computer and put it on a flash-drive.. So I am just about good to go..just waiting until that moment...

But I want to make sure that each and everyone of you UNDERSTAND how much I APPRECIATE all your help and support you have given too me to help me lose that weight...

I am trying to make a video so you can see the changes I have made with this program and all your help.... When it is done I will post the link.... RJAATT

Jeanne- CE!
Jenn J
Sue Ellen
Sharron (Slimrider)
Time Out (Alex)

If I have forgotten anyone Please forgive me I am very sorry! Just Stay your Name out Loud so you know you are added into this list of THANK YOU'S... ...

  Jenn J Replied:

Oh no! Do you have a cell phone? Are you able to go to the library to use a computer?

I hope you find a way to stay online and active.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

  Gwen Replied:

Hopefully, you can stay in touch somehow! Hugs!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

You are in my thoughts and prayers, Rjaat. Light and Love to you!

  Rjaatt Replied:

I still have a little bit of time, Mabye a week? not sure... I will make the best of it....Soon they will be gone and I hope it will be my chance to run away... Well See! Anything is better then living with these people... Sad family your own kids become pure strangers to their mother..

  Jenn J Replied:

Do you have an income? Do you have a vehicle? Where do you think you will go.

We care, so please keep us up to date.

  Rjaatt Replied:

No, No, and I have no idea yet! But anything has to be better then living like this stuck in a child's room... I'm 56yrs old OMG I'm not My Daughters Child and if I was this is a horrible way to have taken care of a child.

If I had been a bad Mother I could understand all of this, OMG if my daughter had MY MOTHER! I could understand it, I ran away 3 times from my parents.... I also ran away 5 times from my husband only to be OMG! Am I someones Property? Do they really OWN ME? NOPE!

It's Ok, the last time I tried to leave my daughter waited 6 hrs before she called the police and she was only 20min away now how sad is that... Anyway... This time they will be out of STATE and I have 4 days to get away....

This is not to worry anyone, even though I might be doing this I am just trying to get help and Knowledge mainly.... So Right now giving me info would be more helpful, if you all don't mind...

You got to understand I have been a stay at home mother and grandmother for 35yrs and now I have become Nothing to the family because I gave everything I had to them now I am usless to then and they are just waiting for me to die.. but I'm not dying... and God wants me Alive! I have figured that much out.

I don't have any other family, everyone is gone... All I had was my daughter, and her family, I asked my son last year if he would take me but he has not spoken to me in 2yrs.. Why? Well he has daddy issues divorice issues and blames me for being aweak woman.... sad to say...

What I need most is for you wonderful people to be here when I come back, not sure when this might be but this is my Safe Place away from my family, a way from my world. This is the only place that has helped me lose the weight and be strong enough to Find My Self.... To realize I'm not being the Woman I know I am... And I am a strong woman, I always have been, its just that I am Codependent and I have allowed my husband (ex) to take power over me my life, and now I have allowed my daughter to do the same take Power over my life. The only smart thing I have ever done was "REFUSE" for them to take "POWER OF ATTORNEY" over me. that might have been a Good Decision on my part...

I'm trying to find a place in Nevada, since that is where my drivers licence is.... Best I return there first... and Restart My Life.... Always go back to where it all happened and start over.. and that is where the last mistake happened, even though it was not my mistake it was still a mistake....

If all of this flops in my face, all I can do is ask that you all be kind to me when I RETURN! Because I will need People who Care and not people who say "I TOLD YOU SO"...that will not help me... I just need people to have "OPEN ARMS"... and welcome me back.... unconditional love and kindness...

Anyway Finally they left, I don't know how much longer I could have held my self.. the restroom was a gradituted today... LOL... I found a Bucket just incase next time this happends again...

Well, just know that you are all so wonderful and my heart goes out to each and every one of you.. Stay on your Diets, enjoy The 100days Book for it SAVED MY LIFE... in so many ways..

IT Woke ME UP..... Showed me I don't deserve this kind of treatment and If I am ever going to take my life back then I have to FIX MYSELF FIRST.. and I have finally done that.... Myabe God has a journey for me to go on.. Since I have lost all this weight now its time to put it too good use... and walk off the flab and get strong minded again.... That is what I think he wants from me...

Maybe is so History Doesn't Repeat it self, maybe God wants my Daughter to have a Wake Up Call and show her that this is wrong... how you treat people. I mean OMG this is the reason I was so unhappy in my marriage..... all the control.... I mean we wernt even allowed to have friends and my daughter knows this... she couldn't even take her bike around the block she only had 3 houses she could ride it their and back...

Anyway... I'm Thankful for all of you... so just always remember that you were better friends then my own family was too me and that to me is a GIFT of LOVE...

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