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100 Days restart - Day 10: Appreciate good support

Jenn J

Day 10: Appreciate good support

Getting support from others involves give and take. When people give you solid, helpful support, let them know you appreciate it. Be willing to talk about your goals and your plans for achieving them. Take time to share some of the stories about your progress, especially in areas that don't involve the numbers on the scale.

Remind people that what they can see is only a small part of your plan. Then tell them about what they can't see-how you've curbed your emotional eating, stopped the McDonald's run on the way home from work, and eliminated all of your extra snacks.

Learn to receive compliments

Do you feel uncomfortable when you get noticed? If so, you may need to practice the art of accepting compliments and praise more graciously. It's easy to discount people's comments because of your own frustrations or opinions. But when you react to compliments in a negative way, it makes people think their support doesn't mean anything to you.

Whenever someone offers you a genuine comment about your progress, try to respond warmly to the person who pays you the compliment. For example, if people remark that you look great because you've lost weight, don't minimize their words by saying, "Yes, but I still have such a long way to go."

Instead, use your response to affirm and appreciate the other person by saying something such as, "You can't imagine how much it means to hear you say that. Thank you!"

Don't set them up

Avoid hooking people with awkward questions that they can't answer honestly. Here are some examples:

1. Does this dress make me look fat?

2. Can you tell if I've lost any weight?

3. Does my fat stomach bother you?

People hate these questions! They know you'll probably get upset with their answers or you'll even accuse them of not telling the truth. If you feel insecure or you struggle with your self-esteem, focus on dealing with these issues instead of punishing your support team.

During times when people get impatient about your progress, guide them on how to support you when you aren't doing well. Let them know it's not their fault-they aren't responsible for the changes you're making in your life. Simply appreciate their concern by saying, "It's so nice to know that you'll be here for me when I'm ready to work on this."

Ask a friend or family member to compliment you on anything from your weight loss to your hair or your clothes.

Come up with a response that affirms the person who gave you the compliment. For example, you might say, "You really made my day by telling me that! Thank you so much."

Record your favorite responses in your notebook.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

I have learned to accept a genuine compliment. It is still hard but I smile and say thank you and change the subject. LOL This is a hard one for me, I would rather it just go unnoticed than to be pointed out. I am not normal in this way and I understand that.

  Jenn J Replied:


Too often this is a typical reaction to compliments these days. It is no longer normal to be "nice" and compliment people. If you do, they begin to wonder what you want from them.

I think it's a sad sign of our society that compliments can now result in the receiver wondering what the giver is wanting in return. No one can freely give a compliment without someone wondering about ulterior motives.

You are a wonderful support for those of us on here, and know any compliments are doing out of genuine care and gratitude.

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