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  Lyn💛 Replied:

That is quite a transformation Rjaatt, thank you for sharing!

  Bappaha Replied:

Thank you for sharing. You inspire me with each post.
Your letter for the job....keep it simple. Explain your qualifications. No LOL's. You can meet and discuss the rest later. They don't have to know what you plan to do with your money. Also, do not feel to explain everything. State the hours you are available, and your qualifications. When you interview you can discuss the rest.

Staples has a resume kit. I think it was around $10. That is what my husband used. There are also guidelines online. Our local college has staff that will help you make one for free. You do not have to be enrolled to take advantage of that.

Best of luck. I will pray for this to materialize for you.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Thank you BAPPAHA That was very Kind.. I will take your ADVICE and Get on it, I have until 9am this morning to get done and sent in...

I will not delete this profile and then Work on it... Your the BEST! Thanks for your HELP!..

  Rjaatt Replied:

Ok, Cover Letter Sent: for Job! Now! its a Waiting Game! Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...Time will tell!
"Let it Go-Give it too God"...

  Bappaha Replied:

Rjaatt, just remember everything you've accomplished so far. Positive thoughts attract positive things. God, please tick, tock in her favor SOON!

  Rjaatt Replied:

I stand for Parent RESPECT~ If I don't stand up for this "ONE THING" then all is lost in Humans!

I can not allow my grandchild to think that it is OK To DISRESPECT her MOTHER! See the POINT!

Even though my daughter has Disrespected me! If I give into to this tinny Word "respect".

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Then I am letting my entire family for 700years or 7 generations down. While I am the 7th generation, my daughter is the 8th and my grandchild is the 9th...

All these generations would be in VAIN and When I get to Heaven! Do you think I want to Deal with my Father? or His mother (my grandmother) or God Forbid My Great-Grandmother, or Great-Great Grandmother who is Pure Norwegian! who is a VIKING WOMAN!

NOPE! Viking Woman are the Toughest Woman on this PLANET they will take down KINGS and anything that get in their way!

A typical Norweigine Woman: The day to day responsibilities of women included: food preparation and serving; housekeeping and laundry; child care; milking and dairy chores; and clothes making, from spinning and weaving to cutting and sewing. The dividing line between men's and women's responsibilities typically was located at the doorway to the house; women were in charge of everything indoors while everything outdoors was the responsibility of the men. HOWEVER!
I had to take care of the Indoor and outdoor and the kids and the college education myself.

So I Deserve Respect I got not only my 2 kids through college but my Son in law also and I am working on my Grandchild's College also... I gave up my College 5 times for the Benefit of my Children and Grandchild. So that also Makes me Honorable for Respect regardless if it is my house or now their house. I Deserve Respect! Regardless.

Vikings Woman: The female characters in the sagas are praised for beauty, but more frequently for their wisdom. Viking Code of Honor! its harsh but these core tenets: courage, truth, honor, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, self reliance, industriousness, perseverance and respect for parents/ mothers at all times.

So let the clock Tick,Tock because when I get to Heaven my Viking Family will Be Opened Armed and PROUD of me for my HONOR!... Never teach a child to Disrespect a Grandparent/ Elder. The Greatest Rule on Earth... its called unconditional love for all...:heart:-D

  Bappaha Replied:

I hope you didn't take me wrong...I was only asking that you hear something about the job shortly, and don't have to wait forever for a reply.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Bappah, I understood 100% and I thank you so much for your words and actions. I have sent off the cover letter and I got a response, I am waiting for a Appointment to Meet with this Client.

I have understood, the words of Not to say anything that is not related or needed. To just keep it SIMPLE... and to not Tell Stories but to State Only Facts and Situations.

I'm a fast learner! But If I don't have anyone Guiding me then I only have a Internet that has made is life on Stories...So I learned to write stories of my life.

But a Job! is Skills, and Techniques not Stories..... See! I understood everything you said.

Thank you!

This is what "Evolved me". woke me up and I listen to it offend along with all of his lectures. So I will offer this as a Gift: (Jordan Peterson; Biblical Series VI: The Psychology of the Flood). It really is helping me change my life in the last 15months...

  Rjaatt Replied:

Bappah, Thanks for all your helps: Well! I got a Response from the Job and they had already hired just 2 days prior another woman. So That is that.... Nothing I can do! At least I gave it my best shot... There is a Dog Walking Job I am going to apply for today? Mabye thy will hire me?

  Rjaatt Replied:

Gee, I never ever had a problem getting a job, I could just walk into a business and fill out a application, then the Manager would come over sit down across from me and talk with me for a few moments... Then I got the job! Life was so simple...

Now, it is the hardest thing ever, Unless you have DEGREES! your not getting a job, not for Dogwalking, or Fitness, or Homecare, Even house Cleaning now a days is so hard! I can't compete with these Business. The Laws has made it too unless you are 100thousand Bonded or you have Liability Insurance your not getting a job in the 21st Century!

Really, How can I not be Qulified to walk a day. You put the dog on a leash, you walk it around the block or down to the park, you carry baggies, and a water bottle. Then you after 30min bring the dog back to the owner... Why do I need a dang $150.00 Certificate to be a REGISTERED Dog Walker?....

Here is the real thing, I paid $5,000 to be a Issa Fitness Trainer, However all the book reading and test taking.. But if Not one Place will hire you to GET EXPERIENCE! then all that becomes a waste of time.... Its the OUTSIDE EXPERIENCE That I can't seem to get!

Now there is the most funniest thing of it all: I have Certificate after Certificate over 50 of them for Childcare! I spent over $30,000 on these printable paper with a Gold Seal. And a College Name!

Yet Today! They are Worthless, Unless you have a AA, BA, MA, or PHD, your not getting your food in the Door of a Pre-School and most don't have Night Care. As for Babysitting! Well! Most don't want it in their homes, they want to just drop off the child and leave... But My daughter doesn't want any kids in her house..

So! I am back to the basics.. I even tried window washing, but I am in a City that DOESN'T"T all Door to Door Advertisement! It is illegal you can be fined up to $150.00 you are not allowed to knock on anyone's door. I tried to advertise on craigs list but that never worked. It is Illegal to even pass out Flyers in this area again $150.00 fine. Laws have made it so hard to do even the most simplest jobs.

Yet all of these jobs is great for weight loss and how I kept all my weight off growing up.. No wonder I got so fat, No one allows me to do anything, I 'm suppose to just sit in a house and do nothing but eat, watch tv and cook, eat, watch more tv...

That is why I wanted to at least get married, I would have been out of my adult kids hands, I would have been able to go places and do things, cook some meals, work in the garden, take the dogs on a walk, go Rv Camping, go to museums, parks, see other amusement places, go to the gym with my partner and just so much more... But when your overweight Not One Person will DATE YOU... for the right reasons. Trust me I tried for 12yrs..

Now that I am skinny, Guess what, The still gripe I don't have a job and no money and no car. There is no pleasing people..

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