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Please Help me Correct this: Written Application: for Senior Care! RJAATT needs Help!


Please note: Change whatever needs to be changed, or ReWorded! or Reformated! I don't have those skills, Being Dyslexic my words get scrambled! I am sending this to the Senior Lady down the Street Through an Email. NOTE: You Can Change it Anyway YOU WANT TOO! I don't have these skills, I only know how to Write: I don't have the skills to Formate I never got that skill in College. So Please just make it look proper so I can maybe get this Job. Thank you! All they have to do is like this Piece of Paper that will be enough to get my foot in the door then show them the skills I have to offer. However, it's this part that I lose every job! The spelling/ grammar! Etc.

Good Morning,
I was glancing through the Job Listings this morning and came across this, I would like to help. I do live in La Quinta Cove with my Grown - Daughters family. I would be willing to help your family out or this Woman/Senior with a salary: $300.00 per week including Room and Meals- which I would be cooking for the both of us during 7day wk. Depending on her Meal Plan, I could prepare it for two people while saving - her money to help pay for the weekly wage.

Since I understand it comes out of her SSDI payments. I had to do the same thing with my own Grandmother/ and Father a few years back so I do understand. Funds are Tight... I am a Nutritionist and I am skilled in Preparation for Healthy Meals. Also with an Issa fitness trainer/ in Senior Care and Pet Care. Along with getting my CNA Degree. ...which the money I make from this job will pay for my "ON-LINE CLASSES' and Exams...

NOTE: I must be in my family's house for Homeschooling hours (M to F - 6:30am to 4:30pm).

Available hours would be Mon-Fri - 5 PM to 5 AM / 12hr shift.
Available hours would be Sat to Sunday 24/24hr shift.

I looked up Riverside live-in salary (January 1, 2019 - $11.49/ hour).
I also looked up (Pet care attendant ($9.32 per hour). I have Lowered the Price 1/3 of the wadge to (3.51hr). I love pets...

Because! I would love to help, I have been a caretaker for 35+yrs and taking care of Seniors and Cleaning there homes along with childcare, pet care, and house sitting. I have attended to my Great-Grandmother until she reached 98yrs old, Her daughter (my grandmother) until she reached 88yrs old, and her son (my father) until he passed in 2010. Along with other Seniors thought out the years in my 30's and 40's. "So I miss taking care of Seniors". I spent 20yrs running a fulltime childcare center out of my home to pay for my own kid's colleges. So it will be lovely to work with Seniors again. LOL

I am also an ISSA Fitness Trainer/ Nutritionist and I am Working on my CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant Degree). So the Extra money will help pay for the Online Classes and Exams that I will be Taking. While staying at your home I will be attending to your Senior Parent/ Pet and house care/ meals/ baths. On my free time, I will be studying for my classwork and exam.

Senior wage of $11.49 Plus Pet wage of $3.51hr = $15.00 x 20hr = including bd/mls.
Average 2.5hr Senior/Pet/Cooked meals/House up-keep/Room/Meals per day x 7days. Cash

Mon to Friday 5pm to 7:30pm OR As needed by Client - Working time per evening - Living time 12hr shifts.

Sat to Sunday as needed during the day/night, Living time 24hrs/24hrs shifts.
Average California Wage for Flat Hours Worked is $15.00 x 20hr = $300wk x 4 = $1200.00 month

Note: The cost to complete a CNA program range is $2,500. Plus 75 hours of classroom training, plus time learning the clinical skills you'll need on the job training of 100hrs. The CNA examination for the state of California. After completing Step 1 above (the state-approved training course), you'll be eligible to take the CNA examination. Written and Skills Evaluation - $100. Oral and Skills Evaluation - $115. To be certified, you'll spend about $125 for the examination and $50 to register with your state and get proof of certification.
Basic Average California Wage in 2019 for in-home/live-in/ Senior care/ Pet care;
Average California Wage for Senior Care at $11.49 x 40hrs = $459.60 wk/ x 4 = $1838.40 -Senior
Average California Wage for Pet/house - at -- $9.32 x 24hrs = $223.68 wk/ x 4 = $894.72 -Pet
--------------------------------------Wage-Including Room and Meals wk/ x 4 = $2733.12 per month

Pastor Jewels
I hope this helps your family, it is quite below the Average 2019 Salary Wage as you can see, For it is not about the Money but about the Quality of Care that will be Given to your Mother/ and Her Pet! I Understand it is hard to find Help and Good help for that I have already been through it all myself. While you will be helping me pay for the CNA Certificate that I have been trying to get for 40yrs but because of Family/Children, I have had to keep putting off my Life Dreams. Thank you very much!

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