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Whats for Breakfast? or Lunch? or Dinner?


Rjaatt: 40days/40nights Fasting Day 7#
Breakfast: Protein Shake with Beet juice and Fresh Juiced Apple Juice,
Lunch: Ginger/Apple Juice
Dinner: Mint Tea/ginger

  Rjaatt Replied:

Whats for breakfast:
I have, coffee, Vinegar and mint water, apple juiced water, 2 z waters, Mint Tea with tarragon spice sprig, and I got a avocado today for breakfast. instead of a Protein Shake. I didn't want it to go to waste it was getting shriveled up.. LOL I am on Day 8 of 40days/40night Fasting. so far so good..

  flower Replied:

2 organic egg omelet with organic red peppers and broccoli ~~~

  Rjaatt Replied:

What for Breakfast today:
Coffee, tea, apple juiced, 3 waters, vinegar and mint water, so far so good! (Day 9 Fasting).
Today I have a flat stomach and I am very happy about that, my stomach is finally emptied of food left over and I am starting to notice with the Plank yoga that my batwings are smaller and thinner. the funny thing is my yoga pants are falling off of me, I have to keep pulling them up and they are cotton.
even my shirt is lose. it keeps shifting to one side.. haa haa.. This is why I love fasting, its really great for the body. and not once have I ever felt hunger and the moment I do I just drink a glass of coffee or tea or juice.

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