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100 More Days - Day #5


Day #5 No Willpower
The last time thru this book I worked on all the places where I face food temptations.
Actually what I plan today is what matters, day after day.

Today I'll have lunch with my niece and have already logged what I will order.
Today I'll keep my plan for getting extra "steps for lent".

My mindset needs to be that anytime I want to change my day, it is a choice that only I can make. It's always MY CHOICE!

  Rjaatt Replied:

To Lose Weight I had to give up my "FREEWILL" and I had to Remember its NOT MY CHOICE!
If it was my choice I would eat chips every day, If I allowed my "FREEWILL" then I would still be 327lbs. The moment I have my "FREEWILL" away to God/Higher Power/ Angels to fly off with it so I can not ever find it again. My Free Will Deceives ME! it HATES ME! It wants me to FAIL BIGTIME... What good is Free Will, when all it does is allow me to make all the wrong Decisions.

Example: Free Will, allows me to Never be Loved again because my husband cheated on me and I have a Broken Heart it allows me to NEVER TRUST Anyone ever again.

Example: With out my FreeWill, I can accept people just the way they are and I don't need expectations, I can be free from them and I can learn to love not only myself but others.

Example: Free Will, Allows me to Sit in my Room and Eat all day, Never Exercise because it tells me that "I DON"T NEED TO EXERCISE" "ENJOY THE FOOD ITS GOOD FOR ME"... Itis like having the DIVEL on my Shoulder... Telling me to Get in Trouble, to REBEL, and FIGHT, ARGUE and HATE, and IGNORE THE TRUTH....

Example: Without my Free will, I have a Beautiful Angel that Helps me she is always with me Whispering into my Ear! Hay! Don't look at that keep walking by, NO! Don't think about it you know what the Doctors said! LIFE or DEATH... Just because your family has irritated you and you are angry and want to eat, Lets go watch a Mediation Video and Let me sing to you.

He allows people to live completely free from His interference. but its not a way to live! When we live for ourselves we fail every time we open up our Mouths.. We Deceive and Lie to ourselves every day of the year and every year we keep telling ourselves to keep our free-will. it HATES US!

He is the puppet master and we are His puppets. I want to be Gods Puppet! For I know he will not lead me down the wrong road, for I keep taking the wrong road when I use my Freewill, but when I let God have the strings then he can make me laugh and dance and lose weight.

God can often be seen battling against our sinful nature for our heart, mind, and will. He wants control, but He wants it to be given freely. ( God! I gave you my FreeWill Freely I DON'T WANT IT ANY MORE and its been 15months with out it and I am better off with out it.

You were right and I was wrong. it took me so many years to learn this lesson and in that I have hurt a lot of peoples hearts including my families all because I wanted to be in Charge of my life, my husbands life, my children's life and my grandchild's life and my son in laws life. Now! They all hate me! Was it worth it NO!

I should have given them all to you and yet in 2018 34yrs later I did. Now I am free of what they say or do it is not mine to have it is YOURS, You created them not me, I was just a vessel to carry them for 9months,then Give them back to you. You know best, So take my strings and let me be your puppet... Amen Because of you today I weigh 160lbs. Thank you! And Lyn Thanks that little bit of Yoga last night helped me burn 2 calories. Much Love....

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