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100 days restart - Day 6: Protect your program

Jenn J

Day 6: Protect your program

No one will ever care as much about your diet plan as you. So it's your job to prevent people or events from pulling you off track. Instead of depending on others to help you be successful with your diet, make a commitment that you will protect your program at all costs!

Watch for ways to recognize and avoid situations that might cause you to weaken. Rather than assume you'll be able to resist your mom's apple pie or the potluck casseroles at work, don't put yourself in the situation where you'll have to test your willpower.

"Not just yet..."

Here's a great way to protect yourself when you're around other people. Anytime you feel pressured to eat something, you can sidestep the food pusher by hinting that you'll eat later. Whenever someone offers you food, respond by saying, "Not just yet; I'm going to wait a little while."

If you're asked again, simply repeat this phrase or another variation of it such as, "Thanks, but I'll still wait a little bit." Saying "not just yet" gives you a gracious way to handle being pushed to eat when you don't want to. Because this magic phrase convinces people you'll eat eventually, they'll leave you alone for the moment.

When you're invited to take seconds or eat dessert, make it sound like you'll have some later, then quietly slip away from the table. Anytime someone encourages you to eat, such as at baby showers, birthday parties or other social gatherings, you can use the "not just yet" line again and again. Even if you skip food during the entire event, you'll find that most people never notice you didn't eat.

Don't discuss your "diet"

Often it's best to avoid getting caught up in conversations about dieting and weight loss. When people ask how you're losing weight, simply tell them you're following a healthy eating program. You can even respond to their questions by saying, "My weight-loss counselor recommends that we don't discuss the program because talking about food makes us want to eat."

Finally, protect your program during long, empty times such as evenings or weekends when it's easy to start looking for food. Stay occupied by planning activities or pulling out some good books. When you're tempted to give in and eat, recite the words, "I must protect my program at all costs!"

Today's s Tasks

Watch for chances to respond to food invitations by using the line, "Not just yet; I'm going to wait a little while."

Identify at least three high-risk times or events such as family gatherings or quiet weekends. In your notebook, write down how you'll protect your diet program during each of these.

Do at least one thing today that reinforces your determination to protect your program at all costs.

  Jenn J Replied:

Today I will be spending the day with my BF. We plan to go see a new movie. In the past I would get a LARGE pop and popcorn. Todays choice is to get water instead of pop. Since it's my birthday month, I get a free popcorn, so I will get it, but limit how much I eat today, and take the rest to work for snacks. That way I will enjoy my treat of popcorn, but not overindulge to put a roadblock in todays healthy eating.

At work, we have someone bring doughnuts and pizza at least once a week. I choose not to go near these things so I am not tempted to eat any.

My focus is on healthy food choices and eating.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

I use "not yet" all the time. It works.

  flower Replied:

Sit down with a cup of coffee and a good book is a good way for me to fill up an "empty time "

  Rjaatt Replied:

Good Morning, For me I had to Say it too their face! NO! I can not eat that fast food! Please stop asking me! Please everytime you take me out to go shopping you ask me What I want to eat and I tell you the same thing...Nothing, then you give me a guilt trip.

How did I solve this:

1. I packed my own lunch
2. I ate before they took me to the store
3. I started to just make a store list and let them pick up my items
4. I just stay away from them and stay in my room so I am not subjected to all their fast food. which I might say they leave the Drink Cups around the house, the Left over Food in the Frig and in that I just remind my self that, it is KILLING ME.. and I have no control over others and what they do, But I have full control over myself.
5. I stick to only my food, I have my own Cupboard and my own area in the Frig and my own frig draw.This way all my food is accountable and I never eat theirs..

Its sad when your family tries to sabotage you unknowingly but I know that food is love and they just want me to be happy, My ex husband use to by me Bomboms and Candy and Ice cream, he would bring me home Mexican Food and Pizzas to show me how much he loved me but at the same time he could not comprehend how he was always trying to Persuaded ME into doing something I didn't want to do and that was EAT....

When I learned to say "NO" and I learned to stop going out and about with my daughter and her family that is when I took control over my own life. Yes! I miss out on everything and I hate it but I had to SAVE MY LIFE they were KILLING ME... And they couldn't even careless it didn't matter to them.. YES! it is sad... How could they not care... Well they don't have to live through it it doesn't effect them... But it sure made me 327lbs.. My life or Their Life, I chose My life...

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Sometimes it isn't that they don't care, it is that they don't understand. My husband brings me home things that I have told him repeatedly I don't want but in his mind, he is being selfish if he gets himself a treat and does not get me one, he can not even fathom the idea of that. So it is not that he doesn't care, he just thinks differently than I do. So I smile and roll my eyes and say you know I don't want this and then he smiles and says I couldn't NOT get it for you and then I throw it away when he isn't looking. LOL

  Rjaatt Replied:

Thank you lyn, I will from now Look at it this way! Thank you with Tears of Love and Kindness! I never saw it this way and now I know my husband did love me he just couldn't NO get it for me.
And I guess my daughter who learned it from her father does the same thing. You are LOVE...

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

This strategy really works, and it is second nature to me to protect my program. If I don't, then who will? And I totally get the idea of thinking that people are trying to make me slip up or fall off plan. When I got to goal weight, I did endure many remarks from people who felt uncomfortable after I got to goal weight, such as "I miss the old Jeanne," and "you don't eat anything," which is just not true. But I then realized that in my case at least, that most people really were trying to be supportive, and just did not quite know what to say. There will always be an occasional negative nelly, but I learned to just let it roll off, knowing that any negativity was rooted in the other person and not in me.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Thank you for the pre warn, great advice... your such a wonderful person and I appreciate all you do for all of here.. your the best ....

watching this tonight: 10 Days, 10 Items ; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness. Mini Series. I watch the most oddest things on Youtube.. but at least it keeps me company... been in my room all day since yesterday... I sure hope the kids leave tomorrow.. I hate being cooped up in this room. They pretty much have taken away the landscape from me so now I just have lost all that good work, back to exercising in this room... Good night... Your a good friend to everyone.
thanks to everyone on this site, I don't feel so isolated or alone... Hugss and more huggs...

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Hugs to you too, Rjaatt!

  Rjaatt Replied:

Hugs to you too, Jeanne

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