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Need Info from anyone

Sue Ellen

My husband found out he is a Type 2 Diabetic just under the 7.0AIC number. My question here is the following: Is there anyone that has info on what the gram counts should be for the sugar, carbs, etc. for him to use a guide line on reading the labels of food. Our Doctor did not give us a thing and when I went on line to find any info I came up empty handed. So thanks to anyone who will help us.

  Gwen Replied:

Is there not a diabetic clinic or nurse who can advise you in your area? Praying for you both.

  flower Replied:

I am an RN whose office was beside the Diabetic education department of our hospital , the department was dissolved because of reimbursement issues ,so long story short your best advice will come from the American Diabetes Association . Best Wishes to you both ~`

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Sue Ellen, what I lack in diabetic knowledge and resources, I will make up for in prayers and positive vibes sent your way!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Thinking of you both!

  Sue Ellen Replied:

Thanks SYD buddies for the prayers and to the RN for her advice. We realize it is going to be a change for us. One day at a time......

  Peggy 🎈 Replied:

So sorry, Jeanne. If your doc does not have an eating plan, you need to be finding a doc who does. I have diabetic friends who have all been given eating plans to reduce or eliminate taking drugs. It requires eating on a schedule, and paying attention to what is being eaten.

  Cindy H. Replied:

I would really recommend reading Dr. William Davis, Wheat Belly book. Many people on the FB page I belong to ( or FB page) have been able to reverse their Type 2 by following his suggestions.

  Sue Ellen Replied:

Thanks for the suggestions.

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