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Hello Fresh Meals

Peggy 🎈

So. Have any of you used the delivery meals to your home? I have several friends you have subscribed to Hello Fresh and been happy with it, so I decided to try. 2 meals a week and 2 servings a meal. So for me, that means 4 meals a week. This was my first week. The ingredients are great, delivery on ice and timely. I have followed pretty much exactly how they say to do things. The meals taste super. But...there is always a but, isn't there? I took the recommended time to make the meals, but haven't taken 50-60 minutes to cook just for me in a long time. But, that is one of the reasons I'm trying this. I'm bored with what I am cooking for me. Also, I used lots of cooking utensils, pots and pans. Lots of clean up. But the biggest issue is me. When I go out to eat, most of the time I am taking a to-go box home as it is more food than necessary for me. I have eaten ever bite of all 4 meal portions at the mealtime. Each serving is 600-800 calories and pretty carb heavy. If I would eat half, I would be at a normal serving for me. So. Has anyone else tried this kind of a service???

  Lyn💛 Replied:

I have not. I looked into it and they look amazing but it is really already how I cook for myself so I didn't do it. And I know exactly what you mean about the all the utensils and stuff but I have gotten into the rhythm of cleaning up as I go so that helps. Plus, I have a dishwasher so... As for the cook time, I can pretty much guarantee I have to double whatever a recipe tells me, I must be really slow. LOL I think it is a great idea and as you go along you'll probably figure out ways to tweak it to suit what works best for you! What were your first meals?

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

I have not tried them either, but that is because I actually love to cook and spend time in the kitchen, and I have so many wonderful grocery choices where I live, so I just do it on my own. However, I think there are many wonderful services like Hello Fresh that are like having a sous chef! I am actually slow like what Lyn said, because it takes me a long time just to wash and prep everything and get it lined up, but I really do enjoy the process when I have the time. Sometimes I just bulk cook and make a day of it. So that sounds great that you are changing it up for yourself and trying something new, Peggy. How fun!

  flower Replied:

I have not tried a service like this but a friend and her husband tried one to enjoy a variety of meals and maybe different techniques in preparation . They enjoyed it short term but found it to be too expensive to continue long term. It opened up their world to explore recipes online that they could easily do at home using all of the great ingredients we have locally living in a farming community. My body holds water and refuses to burn fat on a carb heavy diet , so it definitely would not work for me , but it sounds like you are one of the lucky ones that you burn carbs easily ~~enjoy your new journey

  Gwen Replied:

How is it going now Peggy?

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