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One Day At A Time Friday 1/17/19

Jeanne- CE!

Happy FriYAY, Wellness workerbees! What's shakin' in your neck of the wellness woods?

I will be Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what, enjoy this rain that we need, practice nonreaction, take Gary and Di to meet the kitty that we are hoping to adopt,plan and prep, chill. It's all good!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Today we are bracing for a winter storm. Tonight we are supposed to go out to eat with my aunt and uncle who are in town but I have a feeling that may be cancelled. But you know how weather predictions go so anything could happen. I will eat clean, step on my yoga mat and enjoy the day. And it is going to be a great one!!!

  DETERMINED Janet Replied:

Today I will stay within my WW points, drink my water,Get in my steps. Still can only do a little over 2000 do to sciatica and stay positive.

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

Exercise done. Food is planned for the day. I'm going to stay positive and then go home and lounge on that couch. I'm tired it was a hard week.

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