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One Day At A Time Wednesday 1/22/20

Jeanne- CE!

Warm greetings on this Wellness Wednesday, Wonderful Warriors! How's yours lookin'?

I will be Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what, practice emotional neutrality and nonreaction, keep the main thing the main thing by living my stated priorities, participate in Emmaus accountability time as the host and provider of the meal and the hospitality. It's all good!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

I am back on track and ready to roll. We hope to get our building permit today. And we are going out to eat tonight with the hubs siblings to celebrate some good news. It is going to be a great day!

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

I didn't exercise this morning and have been in meetings all day. Now I'm going to go eat my breakfast & lunch. One more 2 hour meeting this afternoon. I hope to maybe do my exercise later tonight when my kids are at Religion Instruction.

I bought myself a gift, it's a book with daily positive quotations. I can't wait to read it each page on a daily basis, to help me stay positive through out my day.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Sounds great, Alex!

  DETERMINED Janet Replied:

Well I made it trough this day and stayed on my points. My husband wanted Checkers for lunch, boy was that hard planing the points. I had a fish sandwich fried because that all they had and 5 small fries.Gave most of the roll to my dog. But still came out to around 16 points, thank god I get 38 points a day and eat some 0 point foods. I had no dessert. Hubby is getting so much better on not buying that for me.

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