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One Day At A Time Monday 1/27/20

Jeanne- CE!

Monday, Monday, Marvelous You! How might this one day play out for your wellness?

I will be Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what, do what I can and let go of what I can't, be sure to spend time on joyous things and not just a bunch of adulting, go out on a date with Gary. It's all good!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Today I meet with the kitchen cabinet lady to see what the cost will be for the kitchen I have dreamed up. I'm a little nervous. LOL I will eat clean and step on my yoga mat and most important of all take time to be Zen Lyn. It is going to be a great day!

  DETERMINED Janet Replied:

Today I will eat what is on my plan, get in a few steps and stay positive that I got this. One day at a time

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

Whew Lyn that sounds like fun! I want to see a picture on your blog of your dream kitchen when it's done!!

Just a normal busy work day for me. Exercise done and will just eat on plan.

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