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Friday Meal Ideas


I know we used to have a lot of posts on foods we ate, tea time, etc.

Any meal ideas for today??? This always helped me make better choices and it helped me come up with new healthy ideas. Let's make this a Green Dot Day

  Lyn💛 Replied:

I was planning on making veggie chili but now I see that it is supposed to get pretty warm here today so that doesn't sound right anymore. LOL

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Grilled protein, roasted veggie, quinoa, fresh salad.

Main dish salad: for vegetarian, I include things like pan-sauteed garbanzo beans, thawed frozen peas, cheese, nuts, seeds, avocado, tomatoes, hb or deviled eggs, caramelized onions, etc.

Roasted veggie sandwich or salad: again caramelized onion, and whatever veggies float your boat, sauteed in olive oil.

Pizza on cauliflower crust, loaded with veggies.

Spaghetti supper based on spaghetti squash.

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

Oven baked salmon with herbs, drizzled with Olive Oil, lemon and lemon slices on top. Yummy!

  Diane Replied:

Jeanne, I have never thought of pan sautéed garbanzo beans. That sounds good.

I think I will cook some chicken and roast some veggies. Love all the ideas. I need to get back to eating Salmon once a week. I used to do that all the time.

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