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What gets you off track and then back on? What is the perfect storm that derails you?


I am curious on our different methods to getting back on track when we start to lose momentum to an all out "forget it" til tomorrow or Monday mode. I lived in the yellow all week so I will know tomorrow if I got a loss but I am on track today. I took the cheat treat after my last weigh in and I know better. It takes days for me to get back on track. And that is with effort. Can you imagine if I just said to heck with it. How do you bring it all back to a good day or a good week, or can you? Anna

  Lyn💛 Replied:

I wish I knew the answer to this question. My mojo seems to come an go as it pleases and as of yet, I have not figured out how to control it. I keep trying though!

  jenny Replied:

I just dont know I'm perfectly in the zone or completely out of it. The last three days I have been in the zone the last three weeks out of it. Hey ho, keep moving on.

  Sue Ellen Replied:

For me getting back on track I have to clean up all my temptations in the house. Like my Cheetos, Pretzels, and Ice Cream. THEN I have to tell my mind you have to lose to get healthier or you will have diabetes. Still I am not perfect with this but I try not to buy anymore of the temptations and hope to make better choices. At this young age of 72 I feel I can do what I want and get away with it until I see the scale going up. I want to at least get back under that 150 number. Husbands birthday is next week so this will be an off day but will not get down but restart the next day. Hope this will help. Don't quit but keep doing the best you can each day.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

I will proceed with a normal eat-clean day the next day, or ideally with the next choice that same day, even if I feel blecked out and am not hungry. That nips a potential downward spiral in the bud for me and gets me right back on track. Too many times in my unhealthy past I have not felt like eating the next morning, waited until I got too hungry, and kept the unhealthy streak going. It is not worth it!

  Anna Replied:

Thank you for your thoughts! I guess if it was easy, there would be no need for SYD! I am sort of the same way as most of you. I tend to be on or off. This week I tried really hard to not be off though and I think it helped. I gave myself a yellow for not spiralling. And today, I am green! I also am telling myself that treat time cannot be once a week because it takes me several days to gte back on track. I just cant do it! So Brenda and I are planning a little treat on the 29th and the first of the month be a green day. Lets see if the plan is followed by action! Have a great night ladies! Anna

  Gwen Replied:

Emotions get me off track, happy or sad ones, and then it feels as though all is lost. My carb addiction kicks in and my choices are not good. How do I get back on track? By sheer grit and determination I usually have to do my best until my good motivation kicks in again.

  Diane Replied:

Stress and emotions get me to eating. I do better during the week.

  Thulz💕 Replied:

I wake up the next morning, journal what I am willing to eat for the day. If I don't follow the plan again on the day, I wake up the next morning, journal what I am willing to eat for the day. No judgement.

The one thing I no longer allow myself is to indulge in unconsciousness by not showing up on the days after I've messed up coz that just perpetuates the situation.

I am now learning that my success is not based on how long I can be perfect, it's how quickly I can get back on track

  jenny Replied:

Yesterday I was not at home and was tired, that made the perfect storm for poor eating

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

I don't have the perfect answer. I just try to ask myself if I want to keep looking and feeling this way or if I want change. Then it's up to me and get up and move and make the right choices. I feel with me it's all mind games. The mind is so powerful and has the ability to make things happen that we thought we weren't capable of doing. So for me this works the best.

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