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One Day At A Time Sunday 2/2/20

Jeanne- CE!

Light and Love, Preciousses! What's in your day today?

I will be Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what, enjoy my church and those within, play catchup on several fronts, not care about the superbowl . It's all good!

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

Laundry and getting better!

  Anna Replied:

Back in the fold! I have been doing pretty good. Once upon a time on here I weighed in at 209 lbs but I am now 172.8 so this is good. I am on a small downward trend --- also good! My goal is to stay away from sugar/flour/wheat today. Working on an abstinent plan that "asks" of myself to think only for today. It is a step program that I have been playing around with since November 30th, Today, I want to step it up a notch. SYD helps me keep all of the other stuff around eating better in check. Hopefully I am here to stay. I entered on the dots that I have been keeping in my calendar in my Day-Timer. I love seeing everyone's names. You are like family to me. I am still working in the Arctic and I was lonely last night. I can't go home but I can come here, Have a great day everyone and may whatever needs to work for you work! Anna

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Hi Anna! Love having you back in the fold!

  Anna Replied:

Thank you Jeanne! I have tried so many times to recommit and then fizzle out after a day or so. But I think maybe I am in a different mindset. Doing a lot of praying and letting go and letting live. I do pray I am ready to engage like I used to in the good old days!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Great to have you back Anna! Today was a great day!

  Anna Replied:

I am happy to be back! And very happy to have a green one. No sugar/flour/wheat. This is my intention one day at a time.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Well done, Anna!

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