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I belong to a 12 Step Food Addict group now and it has changed my eating habits forever. One of the things they often say is that "we" are here together for the same cause. To eat better and to abstain from what we feel powerless over. Todays topic made me think about SYD. I miss the days of old when we had more discussions. So I am going to make an effort to bring some of that back. Its great that we have the consistency of the check in... but is that what keeps us all on the straight and narrow. My granddaughter has joined. Her name is Amber. And my best friend Brenda who joined in 2018 is back and logging. We are all three of us making a strong effort to get healthy and smaller. Amber's name is Chicadee on here and Brenda is Brenda-Fitz. They are both on chat if you want to send them a good luck and a little hello. We are a "we" here. Life comes full circle sometimes, doesn't it. Maybe share if you have lost weight and attribute it to being on SYD and to the group as a whole (and of course the hard work that comes along with that amazing feat). For me, SYD is there 24/7, year after year. Wherever I go. And I am excepted when I come with a little hello from a familiar name. I travel to work and live away from home for months on end. This is an open door for me that helps me deal with my hardest challenge - getting healthy and staying healthy. For that, I say thank you to all the members that participate and to the SYD program itself. So let's do a little toot tooting and mushy gratefuls! I started at 209 and am now 172. don't feel you have to share weights. How much you lost (or gained otherwise would be awesome too!) Anna

  Lyn💛 Replied:

I love the community aspect of SYD and that we are all in this together but we aren't forced into doing things one way. We each do what works for us and we can learn from others along the way. I also miss the discussions on the message boards but I do have daily buddy chats with people who have become lifelong friends. I have lost and regained and lost the same weight so many times it is embarrassing, but I have learned that when I don't show up it is when I am at my worst so simply checking in here helps keep me in a better place.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

SYD is near and dear to my heart, and I love the soul connections here. This is a safe haven of non-judgement, support, and acceptance- a mini-community of how the world should be! Without going into my my whole sad story (which we all have), my childhood through college graduation years were on a very shaky and unstable foundation, and my teen and young adult life included much emotional instability, eating disorder, failed diets, and morbid obesity, on top of ADD and OCD tendencies. I got to a healthy goal weight through WW, then very slowly gained back 12-15 lbs. I came across SYD, and very slowly got back to goal weight and have been in Maintenance since 2010. This is not a diet for me but a lifestyle and a wellness plan for life! I continue to learn so much from the wellness warriors here. Fast forward to today, and by Grace, Light, and Love, I am blessed beyond measure and embraced by my husband and many chosen family members, and I find life to be beautiful and filled with joy.

  Diane Replied:

I love SYD, it does keep me accountable. I love the people here and I too wish we had more discussions like in the past.

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

I love my buddy's here and how no one is judging me on my weight. We all have different shapes and sizes, however we all want the same thing, SUCCESS! I feel like the group here is easy to chat with and non judgmental. If we gain, we don't try to make each other ashamed or bad.

I also really feel that the SYD sight helps me lose weight, IF I use it correctly. When I log my food water, exercise, etc. I am aware of what I need to do and I lose weight. When I lost all my weight 65+ lbs, I logged everything for over one year. I could see very easily when I messed up and what worked. If I could only get my brain to do that again everyday, I know it would help me once again. It's taking a few minutes out of my day and just doing it.

I do miss the posts on here as well, and that is why I'm trying to be more involved. After all if you want something you have to take steps towards it. I figured if I post more, so will others.

I appreciate you posting as well and trying to make things more exciting around here. Welcome all your peeps. Hope they post too.

  Ladybug Replied:

I'm a repeat offender lol. I originally joined back in 2009 which my niece challenged me to lose weight. Back then, they had a challenge leaderboard for the whole membership which made me work hard to move up the board. When that was eliminated, they started the mini contests that we now have. I need the competitions to motivate me.

I also like that this site has no 'trainer' nagging me to do things a certain way. I want my meals, exercise, and water to fit into my daily routine.

  Anna Replied:

Thank you very much for engaging SYD Members! Your feedback is helping me immensely and hopefully you as well! It is nice to sit as an accountable group isn't it? We are not alone but we alone with a little help from the Universe can stop whatever it is we are trying to stop. I also lost and regained my lbs over and over again. But I find that I am slowly coming down. My sugar was 8,2 last night and 8.3 this morning. In Canadian numbers that is amazing. For the past 5 years I have been struggling with mid to high 20's. I am truly amazed at what diet does for us. And what we can do if all the steps that we feel are necessary are in place. My goal was to have peace in my life. I fought like hell for it and now it seems to be paying off. Finally. Have a wonderful Sunday SYDers' ! We got this!

  Gwen Replied:

Anna, thanks for starting this and other discussions on SYD again. This is one of the best aspects of SYD. I have learned so much from folks here and am thoroughly enjoying these discussions.

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