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Don't let the bad guys win!

Jeanne- CE!

I tend to not even want to call this pandemic by name, so as to not contribute to its negative power in any way, shape, or form. These are tough, unprecedented times for sure! Max Lucado says that when people who fish can't fish, they fight. Many of us are in fight/flight mode, and on edge even with loved ones, which is hard on adrenals and takes energy away from positive focus and our bodies doing what they are capable of doing. It is easier said than done to do what we can and let go of what we can't, but one thing I know for sure is that it will do my body no good to load it with too much comfort food, sugar, and junk in general; and it is tempting to me, but I refuse, and if and when I step in the wrong wellness direction, I will get right back on board doing what I know is best for my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. This may not keep me from getting bitten by this bad bug, but there is peace in the journey of trying. Light and Love!

  Diane Replied:

Love this post. I am going to try to be more positive today and do my part of keeping my body strong by eating healthy and taking my supplements.

  Gwen Replied:

Thanks Jeanne! It is vital for us to remain positive and to look up and out. It is VERY easy for me to fall into my carb addiction but being aware of it is step one. Step two is making right choices for health and well-being. xx

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

I have actually been doing very well. I was finding myself going into a bad place last week and I knew I had to get up and get on my Treadmill. Since doing that, my attitude has been so much better. I'm losing weight, exercising everyday, keeping myself motivated, my boys, family and friends. I think it's so important that everyone continue to exercise. If your gym is closed, do Yoga. There are so many different videos you can do at home. In the end you're going to feel better about your self. Your attitude will be better. I am definitely a fighter and I know that this too, shall pass. But, I'm not stupid either, and I'm not going to go put my body at risk by being in groups of people!
Now more than ever I realize how being healthy can mean life or death. I don't ever want to have one of those underlying issues because I was lazy.
We have to come together and fight this thing, follow the rules and take care of your mind, body and soul!

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