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"New normal" check in!

Jeanne- CE!

How are you and your family doing?

We are doing pretty well, and are observing the shelter at home recommendations. Texas is a "good ol' boy" state, and I do a lot of eye rolling about inconsistencies and motivations as to how this is all being handled, but I can only control my reaction, not the situation. I am out of work until the dust settles some more, which is ok; I just miss being out and about and with people, and am tired of the added screen time. I normally love going grocery shopping, planning and prepping, reading labels, etc; now I'm in and out and as infrequently as possible, but still keeping it clean! I am trying to get used to masking up and wearing gloves in public places; right now it is awkward and time consuming to coordinate. I had a good cry over all of this on Friday, and it felt good. It helps to focus on the positive, and I am blessed with strong faith and many genuine and loving connections. I have been able to sing and play instruments for streamed music offerings, am getting the house deep cleaned, decluttered, and in order. Never bored; always blessed!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

We are also doing pretty well. This is taking a toll on my youngest son who needs a lot of social interaction. I also love going grocery shopping and do miss that. We have plenty of food and my husband has made a few stops and I must say he has done well getting "my kind of food". LOL I have made masks for us to wear but as of yet we really have not gone anywhere. My hope is that we collectively learn from this and come out of it making the world a better place.

  deb Replied:

We just rec'd Face masks in the mail from my sister ~ it was so nice of her to make them! This has been a strange day for me.

  Diane Replied:

My daughter got the directions and she made a mask and then taught me. She made my hubby a mask too as he started back to work this week and masks are required. It is a strange new normal

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

We are all doing well.

I feel bad for these people working at Grocery Stores and places that don't provide masks for their employees. I'm hearing of a lot of them now getting sick. Every employee should be protected as much as possible if they are dealing with the general public. The other day I was at the store and I could hear someone in the distance coughing and sneezing. Why were they even in there.

I too am in and out of the store and always wear something covering my face and plus my sunglasses to protect my eyes. Unfortunately I can't find any organic stuff that I'm used to buying like milk and meats. I get what I can and run out of there. I try not to go more than twice a week. It's hard with 3 boys, who eat all day long!

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