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Diet Journal Quick Links question


I am wondering if anyone knows how to change the quick link daily questions to something that is more relevant to each of us personally. I have "I took my vitamin today for the first one, personal goal for the second and measurements for the third. I have diabetes and am not always good at taking my insulin and sugar readings. Thought this spot might help to motivate me... I would like to tweak my daily goal but cannot figure out how to change it so I don't have to go in and change it within the journal all the time.... help

  Lyn💛 Replied:

To my knowledge, there is no way to add or change the quick links, you just type it in as a journal entry. I could be wrong though!

  Anna Replied:

Thanks Lyn! I could not find a way so I think you might be right...

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

You can click on the word Help on the top left corner and send the SYD team an email asking them what you would like to do.

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