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What's your scale story?

Jeanne- CE!

I find this concept fascinating, and noticed that in one of Sandy's recent surveys, that the scale was a major factor in derailing wellness plans. For that same reason I only weighed 1x/week when I was in weight loss mode, then went to M-W-F, then daily once I got to goal. For awhile, I avoided weighing on days when I knew the scale would bump up; then I eventually settled in to weighing every day that I wake up at home, no matter what.

I really am on plan almost all of the time, but the scale still bumps up and down, and is not going to stop! The big bumps up still happen overnight, and the loss is always slower, over a few days. It is unfair and the most frustrating when the scale bumps up because of: eating late in the day; doing an extra vigorous workout that causes inflammation, not getting enough water, not getting enough rest, puffiness despite having eaten only my own clean food, or no known reason at all.

So I am going to be stubborn and not let that turd of a scale be my boss! Our weight is just our gravitational pull on the earth, right?!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

I weigh every morning. I have to, it keeps me aware of what I am doing. And yeah, it can be super frustrating when you see an unfair gain or how quickly it jumps up but then how slowly it goes down, but this is information I need to keep my head in the game. If I were to weigh once a week it would give me too many opportunities to say...I can have this today, I still have time to undo it before I need to weigh in... I know different things work for different people, but this is how it has to be for me. Not sure what I will do once I get to goal, but I can't wait to see!!!

  Thulz💕 Replied:

Like Lyn, I also prefer to weigh in everyday.
It's data and feedback for me.

I've conquered having a negative emotional reaction when it doesn't say what I want but I do have one when it's positive.
The truth is, by the time I step on there I already know what to expect because I know what I did the previous day so it's just confirmation for me.

If it goes up when I don't expect it to, I can usually pinpoint it to some of the things Jeanne mentioned and use that as feedback as well.

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