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Pressure Cooker Parallel


I'm making mashed potatoes in my pressure cooker while staring at this blank text box. I'm thinking of what I would like to write about and I chose the parallel between the pressure cooker and the scale. I entered my 10 minutes for cooking and let the Instapot do it's job. With one minute to go, I could see no evidence the thing was even working. I felt the outside of the pot and it was warm but there was no sound. Perhaps the Instapot is broken. I did drop it's lid to the floor the last time I used it. I cautiously moved the little spout and it hissed at me. I guess it didn't like being disturbed. I won't know if the potatoes are cooked until it is safe for me to take the lid off.

The scale is like that. One doesn't know if their weight loss efforts are working until they measure their weight by the scale. Nothing! Not a gain; not a loss. Silence. Surely the plan isn't working. I must be doing something wrong. The scale must be broken. One hisses at the scale. Stupid thing!!!!

What's missing? Trust. Trust that if you put the plan in motion, it will work. The weight will come off and the potatoes will be cooked. Trust the science that if you move more and eat less, your body will respond as it should. The real battle is in the mind. It's not the calories so much as it is the thoughts in our minds that govern the actions of our body. Do you want to lose weight? How would I be able to tell? Do I? How will you know?

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