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Who knew there was a difference between posting a message and writing a blog. Messages are to be short and sweet and to the point. My point? Today I am on day 3 of a 14 day self-isolation. I don't have Covid. It was just to rule it out and because I chose to see a doctor sooner than later, it meant I had to go into the building and that put me at risk. They never told me that when they were discussing the advantage to seeing a doctor that way. Oh well. I refuse to live in fear and I hope you do too. We can all cross that bridge should we come to it but life is full of risks. It's life. We live in a fallen world where nothing and no one is perfect. Perfect is for the Lord. So let me ask you, do you find yourself eating for comfort with all the pressure from the media and this Covid fear?If so, STOP IT!!!!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

I am faith based vs. fear based, and almost never comfort myself with off-plan foods or drinks. However, I feel the most vibrant when on plan, so no temptation to change that. A peaceful home, commitment to eating clean, and maintaining a healthy weight are even more important to me in a toxic world environment, given that the rare times that I feel unwell are when I am off balance in food, hydration, stretching, moving, healthy people connections, sleep/down time, or things that make my heart sing. The bad guys get a jab in every now and then, but will never win.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Yeah, all we can do is keep it positive and not let fear win. Bad food is never the answer!

  Diane Replied:

I have gone out when I need things but always wear my mask in stores (required here now too) and I wash my hands very often. I am careful but I tend to worry but also try to enjoy things around my house. Trying not to turn to food. I did that in the beginning but it was causing my pants to shrink.

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