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They want to get caught!


I have two parotlets that I named Diamond and Rio. I let them out to fly in the office and most times they sit where I left them until I come back to check on them. Then, I stir them up to fly until they get tired and WANT to be caught. They are adorable because as soon as I pick them up with my gloved hand, they proceed to bite me. Maybe they think I'm food for them to eat. haha I pat them for awhile and put them back in their cage. Cuties though! Oh my! I also have a dog named Lacie and a cat named Cagney. It's from a detective show back in the day Cagney and Lacie. We used to have a dog named Hutch and a cat named Starsky. Starsky and Hutch. Lacie loves to go for walks by the river and Cagney loves to snuggles especially when I sit down to read. She's persistent as is Lacie when she wants to go for a walk. Tell me about your pets. What do you have and would you want to have any more?

  Lyn💛 Replied:

My mom loved Cagney and Lacie. Over the last two years we have gone from having 4 dogs and 2 cats to only one dog. It has been hard. I love my animals but I don't think I can go through any more losses at this point so I will probably not get any more. But I also can not imagine a home with no pets so I guess never say never.

  Diane Replied:

I loved both of those shows.... Pets...where do I start. I have 5 goats (2 bucks, 1 weather (fixed male), and two does. I have a fish, a gecko (my daughters), 2 dogs and 2 cats. Oh and hubby rescued a baby turkey that we are raising and then releasing. We had two baby turkeys but one didn't make it.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

We have two extremely high maintenance 8yo rescue Dalmatians, Tutti and Pebbles, that we adopted as puppies. They are adorable but were borderline not-rescuable due to severe abuse. They are safe with us.

We also adopted a new-to-us 8yo kitty, Chaz, 6 months ago, and he is practically perfect in every way!

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