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From the not so funny side


So I mentioned about my tips list or rather, in lieu of tips and how much fun some customers have with it. There's the other side. It's showing customers the list and them not getting it. Once I explain, then the weak laugh comes. I have it so people don't feel bad because they can't leave a tip and they leave laughing. One can't seriously believe that we would take your car or boat, can you? It might not be so funny if I have to explain it though either. Well, yesterday, a customer asked for her egg salad sandwich to be toasted. I said sure! however, it would be $7.00 more for labor. She looked at me odd. " asked for it to be toasted and that's extra work. Thus, the $7.00 labor charge and the fact that I'm just joking right now!". Once she clued in, she though it was funny. I had to tell her I also charge a $20 relocation fee for anyone who wants to move to another table. All in fun but it has to be. Laughter is good medicine!

  deb Replied:

Some people just don't get the joke, I'm sure. And you're right, if you have to explain a joke, it ends up not being as funny! Plus, some folks just don't have sense of humor.

  Diane Replied:

In these times we need alot of laughter.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

I love to laugh, and if I were in your restaurant, I would laugh!

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