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I love numbers!!


I do. I must because I enjoy when the numbers go down on the scale but then get miffed when they go up without my permission and/or knowledge. Sneaky little buggers!!!! Well, I'm going to teach them a lesson; I'll tell you what!!!!! I'm not going to step on the scale every day. I'm going to step on it on Saturdays only. So take that, you little buggers!!!! Take that!! hahaha

  Sandy Replied:

I used to weigh weekly and that works for lots of people. I discovered that if I happened to have a bad day or something on that day, it was too discouraging for me. I need to see the days where it drops so I weigh each morning. That way I know it will change by the next day... good or bad. It keeps me on my toes. PS I'm not a numbers person at all. Sudoko drives me nuts! But I love words!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Lots of ways to do this, and I've probably tried them all! I have settled into weighing every day that I am home and can weigh first thing in the morning au naturale, whether good, bad, or ugly.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Every day is how I have to do it. Otherwise I could do a lot of damage in a weeks time without even realizing it. We all figure out what works for us. And I love Sudoko but it is more of a patterns thing to me, not numbers. You don't have to do math or anything. LOL

  Denise Replied:

Hmmm? Interesting points ladies. I think by what you've said and the reasons you have stated, I will stick with daily: good, bad or ugly. Thanks for all of your feedback. It was helpful.. I like Mahjong and allow myself one game a day. I choose the animals pattern.

  deb Replied:

I only weigh myself about once/week and that works for me! Too many reasons why our bodies fluctuate in weight to weigh every day for me. I agree with Sandy that if I weighed myself every day it would be too discouraging. I do Sudoku every morning ~ I'm addicted! I also love the numbtix puzzles that come in the Saturday & Sunday Parade Magazine (yes, I still read real newspapers)!

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