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How is everybody doing? The world is a crazy place right now, is everyone ok?

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

My household is all good. I'm back teaching with lots of precautions. We're still mostly venturing out only for essentials or food pickup of some sort, and doing lots of things at home.

  deb Replied:

Good here! Like Jeanne, I don't venture out too my grocery shopping online. Hubby & I take a long drive at least once/week & try to see parts of Ohio we've never seen before. I am seeing my grandkids and having them here now & then. My husband works 3 & 1/2 days at our pharmacy and golfs A LOT!

  Denise Replied:

Yes, thank you. I hope you are too. Crazy of our own making. I just think common sense is dying and people aren't thinking for themselves. The proof is in the pudding and people aren't standing up for their rights or their freedom. They are giving it away for fear. If there's a pandemic of anything, I would say, in my opinion, it's fear. Fear creates anxiety, which causes stress which weakens the immune system, which makes one unable to fight off viruses, bacteria, etc. Deadly emotions wreak havoc on the body.

  deb Replied:

@Denise ~ I think you are partially right. But some of the people who ARE standing up for their rights or freedoms are being persecuted for just that! I truly believe this is a pandemic situation & if people would just use their common sense it could be over a lot sooner!

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