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Day 80 Get A New Title (Sunday's lesson after all)


When we create a negative view of ourselves as fat, lazy, or a failure, we will usually match that by how we live. So motivating with a "fat" photo usually backfires.

Use Positive Words to help you focus on your potential instead of your mistakes. Create an image of yourself moving forward and making progress.

Jorge Cruise of The 3-Hour Diet says to create a new NAME TAG or something special to call yourself. Use a very descriptive name so that you will live in a way to make the title real for you like 'sexy mama' or 'power woman.'

Your New Description
Besides your new title, pick a word or phrase that describes yourself WITHOUT referring to your weight or your size. Then use that word anytime you are deciding how to manange difficult food choices. If you chose fit rather than thin, you might ask yourself, "How would a fit person handle this?"

For Today:
Choose a word or phrase for describing yourself (fit, balanced, healthy, etc.)
Put your new word in the sentence, "I am a ____person" and write it in your notebook.
Describe your daily life by saying, "This is what a ______ person does."

(More from me later)

At the end of this lesson, we will have completed 71-80. We've come this far in our 100 days!

Don't stop now. If you are struggling to stick with it, push yourself to finish one more day. You'll be another day closer to achieving your weight loss goals.


  Sharon VA Replied:

My new name tag: Strong and Slender
I am a healthy person.
I have my MVM pic of me on my dresser. I have my descriptors of what a healthy me does.
I am pleased to finally be having some progress this past week, and I will refer to my pic and my nametag whenever faced with temptation.
I can do one more day. I can work my way thorugh the week using ODAT and the support of my SYD buddies.

  Sharon VA Replied:

I think you had it right the first time, it is Sunday's lesson.

  Shari (CE) Replied:

My new title is 'hot mama' Like in the country song ((smile))
I am a healthy person. I choose to eat healthy and exercise daily, that's what a healthy person does. Thanks Shirley for the summary.

  Karen Replied:

I am and remain...

The red HOT chili pepper!

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  Anonymous Replied:

I am a HAPPY PERSON. The thing I do best is smile while I work or clean or babysit or volunteer or walk dogs or hike or bike or cook or mow or....

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