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Day 87 - Old Habits


Oh My Gosh!!! Can we write a book about old habits creeping back into our worlds?!?
We have had quite a bit of time learning our new healthy habits and losing weight. We feel strong and confident that everything will be alright from now on. And that's great! But our stressfull lives will continue and sometimes our enthusiasm may not be quite so strong. Then what? What do we do about the old habits that may reappear?

Many times, people who regain weight admit that it's because they slipped back into their old habits. It starts out by changing something that helped you lose the weight in the first place, and ends up being a weight gain. And then when you step on the scale, you say,"I can't believe that I have let this happen. I was doing so well. Why did I stop logging my food intake or stop my exercise routine?"

To prevent slipping back into your old habits, you have to break the patterns that got you into them in the first place. Begin with identifying when you eat out of habit, then decide how to change that routine.

If you have certain times, places or things that you associate with food, look for ways to change that. It can be simple. Like bringing your food to work instead of eating in the cafeteria. That way, you know that your calories are controlled. And you won't be tempted to eat that beautiful sweet treat that is there too.
My family relies on me to completely choose the meals all the time. So now, I'm having them choose what is to be cooked so that I don't struggle to not overeat. My favorite meals won't be around all the time.
You can change one little habit, and save yourself. Try it!

Make a list of habits that have caused you trouble in the past.

Don't forget about the little things that add up like a handful of nuts or a quick candybar from work.

Write a few sentences about how you can avoid sliping back into those old habits.

Look in the mirrow and see how much progress you have made. You are healthier now. You are pleased with what you see. Don't let those old habits take that away from you. It's just not worth it!

Have a great "new way of thinking" day

  Shari (CE) Replied:

Thanks Anne. I know how easy it is to slip back into old habits because they feel comfortable, easy, quick etc.. One old habit that I had was starving myself all morning and then cleaning out the fridge when I got home from work. The way I beat this old habit was by eating a healthy breakfast and lunch and then eating an apple or some small healthy snack before leaving work so I wouldn't feel the need or right to raid the fridge the minute I got home. Now I go to the gym after work. I have made so many healthy changes in an effort to avoid slipping back into old habits. The main point of this lesson is to know your old habits so you can avoid them.

  Sharon VA Replied:

Great summary Anne. I have several old habits that I am working to change. Turning to food when emotions get raw, eating just because food is there, grabbing whatever is handy when I have not planned properly, just to name a few.
I have been doing better in general with planning ahead for the work week and have avoided loads of "cafeteria calories" this way. I have stopped myself from consuming "emotional calories" several times in the last few weeks. It is surprisingly easy to slip into these old habits and seems to take much more effort to establish new healthy habits. I know the effort will be worth the outcome in the long run.

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  Anonymous Replied:

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