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Day 67 - Never Say "I Blew It!"


Today Linda is talking about something that most of us has said many times before, "I blew it". I know I have. It's common that after we have either slipped up by eating something that we hadn't planned on eating or widened our path too much, we punish ourselves and just keep on eating. I never looked at it that way. And I believe that sometimes I subconsciously I slip up just to say, "I blew it", so that I can continue to eat for the rest of the day. Now that I realize that continuing to eat is a punishment, my perspective is different. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. Don't go on a binge because of one slipup.

Linda talks about one lady that gave the perfect analogy for punishing ourselves by overeating. She told the story of Beverly wrecking her car. Beverly backed up and hit a post. Instead of stopping the action and checking the damage to the car, Beverly kept ramming the car into the post for her mistake.
This really made me think!
Phrases such as "I blew it" emphasize discouragement and failure. Throw them out the window right now! Resolve that you will never make those negative statements again!
Don't let yourself get caught up in old ways of thinking. One mistake doesn't have to ruin your entire weight loss plan. Don't lose the progress that you have already make. Come up with neutral ways of describing your weight loss struggle for the day. Ask yourself what triggered the slipup? Ask yourself if the slipup was worth how awful that food made you feel emotionally?
Ask yourself what it was really all about?
After you find out what triggered this disruption in your diet plan, see if you can find a better way to take care of the problem. Remind yourself that the way you are going to look in a week, a month or a year is more important that a temporary fix.

Today: Tell yourself that you will never say, "I blew it".
Today: Tell yourself that a slipup is minor and go on. Don't make it a big deal.
Today: Record favorite phrases that won't be so negative so that you can use them immediately if you have a slipup.
And finally, remember that we are human. We can rely on each other when neutral phrases slip our minds. We need each other. Have a great day!!!

  Karen Replied:

Great review. I try hard not to beat myself up over "pauses" in eating healthy, and to get right back on track. That is the key thing. Negativism doesn't help.

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  Anonymous Replied:

wow....nice writeup and fantastic thoughts to start the day... no need for "i blew it" just document and go on my way....even during that day.... instead of continuing to blow it for the rest of the day, weekend, or whatever.....


  Brenda Replied:

I think this is important for those of us that are perfectionists. Those that don't want to see a red line in their weight chart or any other indication on other charts that shows a slip up. I know it's true of me in just about everything in my life. If it's not perfect then why bother. I've had to retrain my brain to believe that life happens and what comes of it is what we get. It's how we react to situations that makes them turn out positive or negative for us.Life happens...just pick yourself up and keep going forward.

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  Anonymous Replied:

This is a major change in my attitude with losing weight this time around. Before I would get off track and give up. Now I just get back at it.

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  Anonymous Replied:

Good writeup! I grabbed one bit of sugared apples for the pie I made, then thought about my lesson for today. Here's what went through my mind. "Oh, that was nice, wasn't it? I'm sure the pie will be good, too. I'll have half a piece with Beau this evening as part of my scheduled calories and will enjoy it immensely!" Then put the rest of the left-over slices down the garbage disposal. I usually make a tiny tart with left overs and eat the tarts by myself. No more! I will not fall into the "Oh Well, here I go again" hole.

  Shari (CE) Replied:

As an optimist, I always think "it could have been worse" I don't put food restrictions on myself and I don't use negative self talk. I stick with calorie restrictions. This is working for me. Thanks Anne for the insightful summary.

  Sharon VA Replied:

I have had many instances where "I blew it" leads to whole hog binging. Accent on the word hog. I am starting to get a bit better at looking at the big picture instead of focusing on a mistake. If I slip up I need to get back on track and refocus positive energy on making progress. I am very aware that I am human, and that I lean on the support of my friends and family.
Great summary!

  GiGi Replied:

This DOES NOT mean that I NEVER blow it...I just means that I can't remember the last time I said, "I blew it!" I know I was lots YOUNGER when everything could be construed as a crisis! At my age, I don't make a crisis out of what I DO or DON"T eat...if I did...I suppose I could say that I would always be in a crisis...because I eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day! Age puts things in perspective!!!

Since I try to stay within a certain realm of food allowances regarding's more of a crisis if I over-do carbs rather than calories etc. If I eat too many carbs even though it's within my calorie range per day...I'm not getting adequate nutrition and that WILL be a crisis!

For several years I do ask myself these funny questions or make these statements:

I wonder what caused that?
What can I acknowledge about myself?
This episode must be a teaching point...what did I learn?

Does my conclusion affirm me-YES or NO?
YES- manage to go from there and stay on track!
NO-get back on track with my next meal or snack!

Above all...STAY POSITIVE!

Of course, it's important to me that I DO lose weight. But, I've decided, in God's own time and to do my part in it. That's why, lately, I'm NOT weighing every day...It's just NOT as mportant-
-over all-as how healthy or how energetic I feel each day.

One way I'm doing this today is NOT to spend time thinking about 2 ounces of overnight gain. It's insignificant in the large scheme of things!

I'll NEVER say, "I blew it!" BUT...I AM LEARNING TO BE


Anne...great review! You seem to have a gentle nature. Thanks for taking your time for us! Blessings...gigi

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  Anonymous Replied:

When we go back to the past and read all these forms we learn not only about others and how they have gotten to were they are today in the program we also remind them of what this Site is all about. It not only helps others it helps everyone. HISTORY is the KEY to the FUTURE!
So take the time, learn about this site, click on everything, read everything, read the books that are provided, do all the motivations, jump-Start, Community, Charts & Graphs, Track your Diet and Keep monitoring it make sure you are losing 1 to 3 pounds a week or more. Look at your Diet planning see if this is working if not investigate and try a new one that is provided. Read about the Author and the Person/Company that owns this site, learn about the other sites available, Remember your not in the world alone you have millions of people who are struggling just like you and tryign to figure this all out. Some figure it out with in weeks others it takes years on years and some just never understand it at all. So in that Look to the past for the answers so you can be the best you can be in the today and in the future. Your Never Too OLD to LEARN something NEW!

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