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Day 69-No cheating allowed! (for Sybil)


Do you ever say "I cheated on my diet"? I don't say that ever because number one, I don't think of this as a diet, to me it's a lifestyle change, and two, you cannot cheat with food. According to Linda, if you say you cheated on your diet, the inference is that the diet is in charge, and you are labeling yourself in a way that gives away YOUR power.

The word cheat means doing something immoral or illegal, and food doesn't fit that definition. You do not have some kind of character flaw just because you ate something off your plan.

Stop using the word "cheat." Instead use the word "choose" or "choice" to describe your behavior.

Every day we make lots of choices, and how we eat is but a few of those choices. Every bite that goes into your choose for it to go in your mouth. Over a day, week, month, year, you make choices that will help decide if you lose or gain weight.

So, instead of saying you cheated, how about:
-I made a poor food choice today by eating a cookie.
-I made a good food choice today by eating an apple for a snack.
-I choose to go and workout at the gym today.

We are also reminded not to excuse our behavior by blaming lack of willpower or discipline. WE, and WE ALONE, are in charge of our own choices.

Today we are to:
-Talk to someone about our lifestyle change (I detest the word diet), and to use the word "choice" several times.
-Record in our journals at least three choices we made around food today.
-If we made a weak or poor choice, figure out how to describe it without using negative words like "cheat."

  GiGi Replied:

OK...CHEATING is another thought or word that I DO NOT associate with my responsibility with food. I don't like LABELS and I will NOT assume this one nor give away my POWER! Is that a character flaw? LOL!

I'm NOT immoral nor is my relationship with food illegal or legal. Weight Watchers uses this term or used to anyway and I NEVER did like it!

Spangle's KEY PHRASE:


Every morsel you put in your mouth is put there by choice
Choices affect whether you lose weight or not

Other good thoughts:

Don't try to excuse your behavior-EX-it's in my genes...or in MY CASE-diabetes
Take responsibility for your food decisions
Maintain your personal power

This is what I did yesterday regarding this lesson...

I chose to eat steel cut oats
I chose to eat a small dip of lime sherbet
I chose NOT to eat Saltines-crackers in bed! LOL!

This is my outcome of a weak choice!

It was suppertime and I was hungry.
I didn't feel like eating and nothing sounded good.
So I chose to eat one small dip of lime sherbet and it made my breathing difficult.

It generated so much phlegm in my throat that it made it hard to swallow. (My throat is paralyzed on one side and partially on the other.) This causes a "plug" that makes it hard to "move air"...because it was too sweet and very cold. Some foods do this...people often have trouble with ice cream or dairy BUT mainly SWEETS!

In this case when I'm tired, even my throat is tired! It was difficult for about 15 minutes...I should have eaten something else...even soup would have been better.

I got up this morning and my blood glucose count was 169-high!
I don't like my fasting blood sugar to exceed 120 and that's for my high!
Hummmmm! I need to keep this study in mind...


AND...sometimes...the beginnings of the next...

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  Anonymous Replied:

It's all about choices. Think of all the choices we have to make in each day. . . what to wear, where to park, when to take a break, when to exercise, HOW to exercise, how to style our hair, how to react to others, what we eat. I don't cheat! But sometimes I make poor choices in my life. Then I go backwards in the lessons, forgive myself, start fresh and remind myself to Don't Even Start.

  Cindy H. Replied:

I need to figure out how to make conscious choices instead of unconscious ones! I can do great for a while and then all of a sudden I'm putting something in my mouth and it's like I never thought about it at all ... I just do it. It's a habit that I have to break if I'm going to be successful.

  Brenda Replied:

I feel pretty good about my choices today. The kids and I made peanut butter cookies for snacks today. Initially a bad choice but I have to learn to deal with the cookie temptation. So I've only had 3 cookies today. 2 this morning warm out of the oven. Then only 1 this afternoon at snack time. I sent all but 3 of the cookies home with Angela and the grandkids. I thought Richard might want a couple and I might have one with a half cup of milk this evening. So 4 cookies for the whole day! Old me wouldn't have even thought about giving cookies away and they would be gone by my doin's. I'm so glad the old me is gone!

  Shari (CE) Replied:

I love giving myself the choice to choose. I choose to stay within a certain calorie amount each day and I choose to exercise regularly. This makes me feel like I am in control. Thanks Karen for the summary.

  Sharon VA Replied:

We are encouraged to use the word "choice" when discussing behavior with our students. Instead of calling their behavior bad, if we refer to negative choices and the negative consequences they bring about, it helps separate the behavior from the child. I do it at school, so I should do it for me too.

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