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Woops, there's no one for Day 84-Tomorrow! Upcoming reviewers.


Somehow Day 84 was skipped. Anyone up for it for tomorrow? Anne, please, I am hoping someone else antes up. You have done so many already and have a lot to come. If no volunteers, then we will just wing it tomorrow.

Day 85, Friday, 10/24, Let it go, Sarah
Day 86, Saturday, 10/25, Minimize the Damage, Anne
Day 87, Sunday, 10/26, Old Habits, Anne
Day 88, Monday, 10/27, I do care, Sharon
Day 89-Tuesday, 10/28, At my Best, Sybil
Day 90--Wednesday, 10/29, Live "as if", Shirley
Day 91-Thursday, 10/30, Obesity is a condition, Shari
Day 92-Friday, 10/31, Accept the Solution, Shari
Day 93-Saturday, November 1, 20 year plan, Shari
Day 94-Sunday, November 2, Three Columns of Weight Loss, Shari
Day 95--Monday, 11/3, Set Your Intentions, Sarah
Day 96, Tuesday, 11/4, Election day!, What will it take?--Karen
Day 97, Wednesday, 11/5, Use What Works, Anne
Day 98, Thursday, 11/6, New Year's Resolution, Anne
Day 99--Friday, 11/7, It's not in here, Sharon
Day 100--Saturday, 11/8, This is how I live, Shirley

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  Anonymous Replied:

I'll do it.

  Karen Replied:

Thanks, Bonnie!

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