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User Competition: 1st Week in May - Weight Loss


This thread is for discussion about the user competition: 1st Week in May - Weight Loss - which runs from 05/01/2017 through 05/08/2017.

  Daisy Replied:

I feel a bit of a fraud losing 2.5lbs in one day but the truth is I put on so much weight in the last week it was like starting over again.x

  Lyn Replied:

Hey, it happens! I have only had those huge losses like that a couple of times but when it does happen it is awesome. LOL

  Sharron (Slimrider) Replied:

Yes - well done Daisy! Celebrate every loss, what came before is irrelevant xx

  Marilyn Replied:

Today was my weekly weigh in and I gained 2 pounds = yuck. But I know what happened and will correct it for next week

  Lyn Replied:

That is all you can do, learn from it and move on. You've got this!!!

  Sharron (Slimrider) Replied:

I seem to having a little whoosh of weight loss this week, which is lovely and motivating. The tough bit is motivating yourself when nothing seems to be moving, or during gains of course.

Keep going Marilyn, you can do it!
Lyn you are doing great too - you are gaining on me fast!

Keep up the good work folks xx

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