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User Competition: Loss a pound a week


This thread is for discussion about the user competition: Loss a pound a week - which runs from 05/02/2017 through 05/29/2017.

  Marilyn Replied:

Looking for others that would like to set a goal of 1 pound loss each week for the month of May 2017.
Weigh in will be Tuesdays

  Sharron (Slimrider) Replied:

Ooh - my weigh in day is Tuesday too (although I actually weigh daily I count my "weeks" from Tuesday to Tuesday - if that makes sense?) I may join you. xx

  Lyn Replied:

I'm in.

  Marilyn Replied:

I actually got weighed today and was pleased with the weight.
But this challenge starts next week - hopefully we will get a few others to join us

  ThulzTheThriver! Replied:

I'm definitely in!
I want to see some progress and 1lb a week is great progress

  Marilyn Replied:

Got weighed today = not nice = up 2 pounds
But I know what I did that caused this and am going to correct it in the coming week
Next week will show a lose

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