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User Competition: New Wellness High In July!

Jeanne- CE!

This thread is for discussion about the user competition: New Wellness High In July! - which runs from 07/01/2018 through 07/31/2018.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

I may be shooting myself in the foot, but here goes! Time to narrow the post-BirthMONTH road a bit. Being in Maintenance does not mean being at the finish line. This is ongoing, and we are all on the same wellness road! My weight, food, water, exercise, and rest are usually in pretty good balance, but I do need discipline in overall balance, and some of the things like decluttering are symbolic of my not letting go of things that I would like to.

My green dot for July days include on days that I am in town:

1. 15 minutes of decluttering

2. 15 minutes of music practice (which I could actually spend the whole day on!)

3. Being Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what. I know for myself what a green dot day is and isn't, and I will admit when I've crossed the line!

  Lyn Replied:

I love the competition title!
In July I am going to make my focus self care. Taking the time to take care of myself has got to become a priority.

  Diane Replied:

In July, I am going to focus on some yoga and relaxation, taking care of me, focusing on health and making better choices day by day. I am also doing 100 more days on this site.

  kc Replied:

Love your goals!

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