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User Competition: Slim down in 2018


This thread is for discussion about the user competition: Slim down in 2018 - which runs from 01/01/2018 through 12/31/2018.

  Nutmeg Replied:

Happy New Years everyone! My goal this year is to lose 7%, and more importantly, to not ever gain more than 2% over my starting weight. If I only manage to stay the same all year, but don't have some big gain at some point, I'll consider it a big accomplishment. Last year I joined one of these year long competitions and only lost .6% for the year. Not much of a loss, but worse than losing less than 1% I had at one point gained over 10%. I'm not even sure exactly how much I gained because I just stopped weighing myself for awhile. I'm guessing some of you have done something similar at one time or another. So I guess, my real goal is to not let stress affect me in such a negative and unhealthy manner this year. I need to exercise more instead of eating more. Feel free to remind me of that if you see my numbers going in the wrong direction. Please share your goals with the group so we can all encourage each other and help each other in this process. Everything in life is easier if you have friends with similar goals.

  Lyn Replied:

Yep, it all sounds familiar. This year I want to get to goal and reclaim myself. I've done a lot of soul searching and have pretty much figured out why I am where I am, now I just need to allow myself to fix it. I am going to up my yoga game and get myself back on my bike (once it doesn't hurt to step outside), I am going to do for myself instead of doing everything else first and then being to tired to take care of my own needs. Let's DO this!

  Nutmeg Replied:

It would be easier to hold you accountable if you had a name. An alias or nickname is fine if you don't want to post your real name on your profile. Just give us a way to identify you.

  Sharron (Slimrider) Replied:

I am aiming for 56lbs this year. Last year my goal was 70lbs, I managed 66 of them then messed up and ended the year down only 29lbs. I am trying to be positive, so - my starting point is lower and my goal is lower but I will end up lighter than I was aiming for last year! I am determined to stick to my plan this time, no falling off the wagon!
Lyn your post is ringing all the right bells for me - putting yourself first feels selfish but it is the key - it really is. Good luck everyone, we can do this! xxx

  Anna Replied:

I am in Nutmeg! My friend and I both joined today. I was supposed to start strong last week but I got derailed and I was waiting for her. So here we are. No more excuses. Let's see what I can do. 60 days to my Bday and a little under 6 months to my July 1st Canada Day contest ending. I won't be at goal by then so I wanted something to take me all the way. I have to lose around 65lbs... I have managed so much in my life --- I need to figure out how to manage my weight.

  ThulzTheThriver! Replied:

My goal this year is to lose 100lbs. Everytime I say that it feels more and more true for me. Like some of you have said already, I don't need any more soul searching, I don't need to read another book, I don't need the latest tactics... I just need to execute. I have ALL the tools in me already to realize this goal.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Slim down in 2018 - is my goal to lose 113lbs. I am in a new area within the area and I have mountains waiting for me to climb them and trails to walk, bikes to ride and feet to jog. I have the world in my hands so I better realize its going to take me and only me to stop thinking I have to have someone with me to go out and enjoy the world. Fear is my Worst Enemy! I have to stop being scared to go outside alone and take walks. I hate people to see me and I have to remove this burden so I can enjoy my-life.

  Rjaatt Replied:

I am rjaatt, I have been here for 7 days, I guess I in this time.
I am here to lose 113lbs, I am down 4 pounds since last week, I have worked very hard and I am getting use to this program. Now sure when my weight change will show up on this site? My entire problem is I eat all fiber foods and no carbs or fats. All Veggies and Fruits is not helping me lose weight, I also need protein and those carbs I hate. I am getting a bike today so that will really help me lose the weight that is so needed. Thank you!

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