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User Competition: February Weight Loss %


This thread is for discussion about the user competition: February Weight Loss % - which runs from 02/01/2019 through 02/28/2019.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Since February Weight Loss% I started on Monday 19th 2019,

Since 9 Days Ago Since 7 Days Ago Down 13.69% Down 4.42%

Please Remember that My Body has been on a Diet for 14months, So It had learned with the Cabbage Diet and Bible Diet and Intermittin Fasting (3pm to 6pm).
On top of this I Meditating at 5:00am for 30min then I start Exercising 45min.
At 6:40am I have my first meal.

Ontop of that for the last 7days I have been Digging up dirt/weeds and dead grass, I have done a 56hours in 7 days from 7am to 7pm with just a few quick breaks. So I have been burning calories like Crazy. 1 to 3 pounds a day... On top of this I only eat 300 to 500 calories a day. That has been all I have eaten for the last 14months. While my Exercise intake is Weekly Planned:
180 minutes 4000 Weekly Tracked 1750 minutes 12,111

Please note that I am very serious about losing weight after being 327 pounds in Jan 1, 2018 it has taken me a lot of Education, Doctors Visits and Staying True to myself to do this. It is not for everyone. Most only have to lose 10 or 30lbs. but I had to lose (( 165 lbs POUNDS )). I was OBESE.. I had severe Health Issues. it was Lose weight or Die? So I chose to Lose weight.
So my journey will not end here.

The Real Test is what you all do! STABILIZE that Diet! because I am Bulimic and Anorexic but I do not perge, instead I do enemas and intermittent fasting. like my Mother! So I have a huge challenge, I am a Compulsive Eater and have no LIMITS. My brain dose not shut off it has taken me 14months to say "NO" to my brain and not do what it wants me to do. I have had to take my own life back from my mind. My Starting BMI 53/ I am now at BMI 28

If anything I hope this helps someone that is over weight. But most of all Please do not Feel Discouraged in March because I will be Fasting and that will mean I will lose a pound a day, no matter what because if you just do nothing you are buring 1200 calories just sitting in a chair all day long... However is you eat nothing but drink water/juice/tea/coffee your intake is only 300 aday. it takes 3200 calories to burn 1 pound. Add in the exercising it takes only 500 to lose a pound. Hope that helps...

This is My Life... I hope it helps someone..

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