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User Competition: Weekly Weight Loss - 05/16/2020 Results


This thread is for discussion about the user competition: Weekly Weight Loss - 05/16/2020 Results - which runs from 05/09/2020 through 05/16/2020.

  Thulz💕 Replied:

I start the week at 298.3. I will be brazen and go for a 5lbs goal again

What are your goals?

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Well, this week was a wash, ended exactly where I started. And I don't really understand it because I ate exactly like I did last week. Oh well...

  deb Replied:

@Lyn ~~ sometimes there's no rhyme or reason why we gain or lose weight! Just keep on keepin' on!

  Sandy Replied:

My goal this week is to stop eating after 6 PM. I tend to have a glass of wine and think I need crackers and cheese to go with it.

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

I've been staying at 183, I've been maintaining. Being honest with myself, I haven't tried at all. Just eating and exercising without watching.

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