Mobile Features

Welcome to SYD Mobile, the companion app to the website Using this app, you'll be able to do basic diet tracking in a format designed for phones and tablets.

You use the same account name and password on this app as you do on And your tracking data automatically syncs up between the website and your mobile devices.

Features Overview

Weight Tracking
Track today's weight and view weight charts based on your weight history. To edit past weights or change your starting weight/date, log onto using your web browser, using the same credentials you use for this app.

Water Tracking
Track your water intake for today and view water charts for the past days.

Daily Dot Tracking
Your daily dot represents your own personal assessment of your diet performance. A green dot is good, a yellow is average and a red means a poor performance. Once a single dot is tracked, a breakdown pie chart is displayed.

Your First Five
Your First Five is a 5-day motivational pep-talk along with a few dieting tips mixed in, perfect for when you're just getting a diet started, or if you've lost some motivation and need to get back on track.

Meal Tracking
Track today's meals by searching our database and using your favorites list.

Exercise Tracking
Track today's exercises and the calories you burn.

Learn and Share
Access some of our learning and motivational tools.

Additional Settings and Features

Some features and settings are only available on the website. You can login with the same account you use on the mobile app to make changes and access additional features. When you return to the mobile app, those changes are automatically synced. Access Account New Account (Free)