Tips for Starting a Diet
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Learn to Expose Excuses and Eliminate Them

Like most dieters, you've probably said at least one of the following phrases: "I'll start tomorrow" or "I'm not as bad as I used to be." With these kinds of thoughts, you are simply avoiding the problem and justifying it by promising yourself that you'll face it another day. When "tomorrow" does comes around, be assured another set of excuses will magically appear. You have to break the cycle of bargaining with yourself, recognize that you're just making excuses, and don't give in to temptation!

Get Disturbed - Leave Your Comfort Zone

Put on pants that used to fit, look at old photos of yourself or even visit a department store and look at clothes you wish you could fit into. Whatever it is, find something that really touches you emotionally and gives your diet meaning and purpose. The stronger your passion and desire for change becomes, the better your chances are.

Do Something Totally Different

For most people, gaining weight is the product of a continued daily cycle of bad habits. Along with your new healthy lifestyle, perhaps you should also try something completely new and spontaneous? Time for a new haircut? Perhaps you take that art class you've always thought about? Whatever it is, send a message to yourself and everyone around that the new you is here and your daily routine has changed!

Make Dieting Convenient

Dieting can be difficult, especially the first few days! Therefore, when you start, do what you can to make dieting as easy as possible. This can mean stocking your fridge full of low-calorie food, having exercise equipment easily accessible or even moving your bathroom scale to a prominent place as a reminder. Take out a notepad (or access your journal) and write down everything you can think of that would make dieting easier for you.

Just Track

If you find yourself unable to get started, try tracking your diet activities for a week, even if you make no lifestyle changes. Track your weight, write down what you eat and make note of your exercise. You may find that the simple act of monitoring your activities gives you the extra accountability and motivation to start making better decisions. You may think twice about that second serving or skipping that day's exercise.

Take a Professional Approach to Managing Your Diet

Just like anything in life, when you plan out the details and diligently keep track of your progress, your chances for success are greatly improved. is all about setting clear, realistic goals, tracking your progress towards them and seeing results that highlight your strong and weak points.
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As with any diet program, please consult your physician to determine the weight, nutrition and exercise levels that are best for you. For more free diet tips, please visit: free diet and exercise tips.